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Osaka Shoin Women's University

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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2005
Mar 2007
Associate Professor
Oct 2001


Apr 1989
Mar 1991
Graduate School, Division of Home Economics, Nara Women's University

Published Papers

Effects of filtration on palatability of deep fried dish and deterioration of frying oil during storage
34(2) 87-93   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
Suppressive Effect of Various Saccharides on the Decrease in (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate by Heat during Cooking
47(1) 25-30   Feb 2014   [Refereed]
Different compositions of free amino acids and related substances, and nucleic acid-related compounds in Japanese soup stocks and instant soups
61 139-142   Feb 2010   [Refereed]
Radical scavenging ability of Japanese bonito soup stock.
21 74-79   Dec 2009   [Refereed]
Relationship between the Preference for Soup Stock and Perception of Umami Taste by Parents and School-Aged Children
67(3) 99-106   Jun 2009   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Why does the antioxidant activity of eggplant increase by oven hrating?
Mami Ando, Kitao Satoshi, Tomohiro Itoh, Kentaro Uchida, Haruo Tomita, Toshikazu Takemori
17th World Congress of Food Science and Technology   19 Aug 2014   
When eggplant is prepared by oven heating, as well as increasing palatability, antioxidant activity also increases and it showed significant correlation to aminocarbonyl reaction products, demonstrating that preparation by oven heating is a signif...
Effect of Seasoning during Ecological Cooking on Food Functionality
H. Takamura, K. Yagi, S. Kitao, M. Ando and T. Matoba
2014 Anual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologists   Jun 2014   
In this work, the effects of seasoning during ecological cooking on the functionality of boiled potato were analyzed to develop the ecological cooking with consideration of energy circumstances.
These results indicate that the use of seasoning wit...
A healthy and tasty grill gooking method (GaSteam):Experimental verification using sweet potatoes and white potatoes.
M. Ando, T. Takemori, A. Nakamura, M. Watanabe, H. Vohradsky
European Federation of Food Science & Technology (EFFoST2010)   10 Nov 2010   
GaSteam can enhance anti-oxidative ability by promoting the Maillard reaction for sweet potatoes that include sufficient amount of sugar and amino acids. It can also retain anti-oxidative ability by cooking white potatoes rapidly that possess litt...
A healthy and tasty grill gooking method (GaSteam):Combined use of gas flame radiation and usper-heated steam.
T. Takemori, M. Ando, H. Vohradsky,
European Federation of Food Science & Technology (EFFoST2010)   10 Nov 2010   
GaSteam can be regarded as a powerful method for achieving healthy, tasty and fast cooking, and that even the normal gas grill cooking was found to be healthier (higher DDPH) , tastier and faster than the superheated steam oven cooking.
Mercury levels in female students of the University of Japan. - Relationship with contents of meals
M. Ando, H. Aki and W. Ishimoto
International Association for Food Protection 95th Annual Meeting   3 Aug 2008   
The development of a cooking method that is highly effective in removing mercury in fish meat is important to protect a fetus from mercury toxicity.