ARAI Hitoshi

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ARAI Hitoshi
Waseda University
Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences
Job title
Doctor of Science(Waseda University), Master of Science(Waseda University)
Research funding number


I had studied originally pure mathematics, especially harmonic analysis and complex analysis. However, since 2001, I have studied about visual perception by mathematical methods. My aim is to establish a new discipline, mathematical vision science.

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Sep 2018
New development of mathematical vision scinece and nonlinear image processing, 7th Fujiwara Hiroshi Mathematical Sciences Prize, Grand Prize
Winner: Hitoshi Arai
Mar 1997
Study on complex analysis and harmonic analysis, Spring Prize, Mathematical Society of Japan
Winner: Hitoshi Arai
Apr 2008
New mathematical theory of vision and visual illusions, Prize for Science and Technology (Research Category), The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan
Winner: Hitoshi Arai

Books etc

Meromorphic Functions
ARAI Hitoshi
Kyoritsu Pub., Tokyo, Japan, toappear   Dec 2018   
Holomorphic Functions
ARAI Hitoshi
Kyoritsu Publ. Tokyo, Japan, to appear   Dec 2018   
Hitoshi Arai
Minervashobo   Nov 2013   ISBN:4623067688
From Fourier Analysis to Functional Analysis (in Japanese)
Baihukan Pub. Co.   2010   ISBN:978-4-563-01141-3
Wavelets (in Japanese)
Kyoritsu Pub. Co.   2010   ISBN:978-4-320-01698-9
Hitoshi Arai (Part:Contributor, Mathematical models of vision and a construction of a new wavelet frame (in Japanese))
Univ. Tokyo Press   Apr 2008   ISBN:4130033301
Lecture on Lebesgue Integrals (in Japanese)
Nihonhyoronsha Pub. Co.   2003   ISBN:4-535-78374-8
Fourier Analysis (in Japanese)
Asakura Pub. Co.   2003   ISBN:4-254-11587-0


ARAI Hitoshi
Sugaku Seminar   55(8) 44-50   Aug 2016   [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
By mathematical study we obtained a patent, and by applying this technology we designed a chocolate can of a Japanese maker of confectionery.
ARAI Hitoshi
   Mar 2013   [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
Yokohama daisekai      Aug 2012   [Invited]
Hitoshi Arai
   May 2012   [Invited]
A one-man exhibition of my "Illusion Science Art" works.
Exhibition in "Trick Art Museum" in Yokohama Daisekai
ARAI Hitoshi
   Mar 2012   [Invited]
Vision Science and Mathematics 6
ARAI Hitoshi
Mathematical Sciences   47(1) 75-79   Jan 2009   [Invited]
Vision Science and Mathematics 5 (in Japanese)
ARAI Hitoshi
Mathematical Sciences   46(12) 78-83   Dec 2008   [Invited]
Vision Science and Mathematics 4 (in Japanese)
ARAI Hitoshi
Mathematical Sciences   46(11) 72-77   Nov 2008   [Invited]
Vision Science and Mathematics 3 (in Japanese)
ARAI Hitoshi
Mathematical Sciences   46(10) 63-68   Oct 2008   [Invited]
Vision Science and Mathematics 2 (in Japanese)
ARAI Hitoshi
Mathematical Sciences   46(9) 78-83   Sep 2008   [Invited]
Vision Science and Mathematics 1 (in Japanese)
Hitoshi Arai
Mathematical Sciences   46(8) 64-69   Aug 2008   [Invited]
This is the first article of a series of my papers entitled "Vision Science and Mathematics". In this series I described results of my study on mathematical models of visual perception, and gave applications to visual illusions.
YURARIE: An innovation by mathematics
ARAI Hitoshi
"YURARIE" is a new business project by Rakupri Co. based on patents (Invetors: Hitoshi Arai and Shinobu Arai, JST). In August 27, 2015, this project was reported by the news, World Business Satelite (TV Tokyo).
ARAI Hitoshi
Aomori Museum of Art(July 20,2018-Sept.2). Iwami Art Museum(Sept.15, 2018-Nov.12), Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art (Nov.23,2018-Jan.27,2019.)(Megane to tabisuru bijututen)      [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
Visual Illusion Lab in the Land of Mathematics, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation      [Invited]

Published Papers

New techniques of illusion arts and its application to promotional godds and packages
ARAI Hitoshi
JPI Journal   54(1) 58-62   Jan 2016   [Invited]
Nonlinearity in Mathematical Science of Vision and Visual Illusions
ARAI Hitoshi
J. of Institute of Electronnics, Information and Comm. Eng.   98(11) 1012-1016   Nov 2015   [Invited]
From mathematical study of visual information processing in the brain to image processing
ARAI Hitoshi
Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis II   105-110   2015   [Invited]
Mathematical models of visual information processing in the human brain and applications to visual illusions and image processing
ARAI Hitoshi
Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis I, Mathematics for Industry 4, Springer   7-12   2014   [Invited]
Mathematical models of vision and structure analysis of visual illusions
ARAI Hitoshi and Shinobu Arai
Japanese Psychological Review   56 309-333   2012   [Refereed][Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Mathematical Science of Vision and Illusion, and Applications to Arts and Image Processing [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
Robotics Seminar   15 Oct 2015   
Innovation from Mathematical Vision Science - Visual Illusions and Image Processing [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
Japan Science and Technology Agency Fair 2015   27 Aug 2015   
From visual illusions to image processing [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
The 74th Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiological Society   17 Apr 2015   
From Mathematical Study of Visual Information Processing in the Brain to Image Processing [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis   14 Nov 2014   
Mathematical study of visual illusions and applications [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
Future of Radiology   6 Jun 2013   
Mathematical models of visual information processing and applications to visual illusions [Invited]
Hitoshi Arai
The 8th Conference of East Asia Section of SIAM   Jun 2012   
Mathematical analysis of vision and visual illusions - alliance between mathematical science and sensory psychology [Invited]
Hitoshi Arai
Japanese Psychological Association   Sep 2011   
Wavelet-frame model of vision and applications to visual illusion of lightness and geometrical illusions [Invited]
ARAI Hitoshi
Mechanism of Brain and Mind: The origins and evolution of human intelligence   11 Jan 2011   
Orientation selective 2D framelets and vision science [Invited]
Hitoshi Arai
JSIAM, Special Lecture   Sep 2009   
Mathematical study on vision and Vvsual illusions [Invited]
Hitoshi Arai
JSIAM, Plenary Lecture   2008   


Visual Illusion Lab in the Land of Mathematics
ARAI Hitoshi   Artistic Activity   Nov 2016 - May 2017
ARAI Hitoshi   Artistic Activity   May 2012 - Jun 2012
Mizuta Art Museum, Josai Univ.
Fuyuu illusions
ARAI Hitoshi   Artistic Activity   Apr 2012
Some of my works of visual illusions have been exhibited in the Trick Art Museum (Yokohama Daisekai, Japan). Apr., 2012 -
Mystery of visual illusions and visual perception, a mathematical study
ARAI Hitoshi   Artistic Activity   Oct 2010 - Nov 2010
An exhibition in Chiba Museum of Science and Industry.
ARAI Hitoshi   Artistic Activity   May 2010 - Dec 2013
ARAI Hitoshi   Artistic Activity   Dec 2011 - Dec 2012
I am a professor of mathematics at the University of Tokyo. I have studied on visual perception by mathematical methods. My aim is to establish a new discipline, mathematical vision science. Here I would like to show you my works of visual illusio...
ARAI Hitoshi   Educational Materials   
Animations related to fractal geometry, Fourier analysis, and wavelets. (Japanese)

Research Grants & Projects

Mathematical analysis of vision by framelets and applications to image processing
JSPS: Kakenhi B
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2019    Investigator(s): ARAI Hitoshi
Project Year: Oct 2011 - Mar 2016
Harmonic analysis of framlets and applications to image processing
Project Year: 2011 - 2013    Investigator(s): Hitoshi Arai
Mathematical models of visual perception by means of wavelet frames
JST Basic Research Programs (Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology :PRESTO)
Project Year: Oct 2007 - Mar 2011