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Professor (Director of Research Center of Community Knowledge), Information and Society Research Division, National Institute of Informatics
Director General, Institute of Science for Education
Professor, School of Multidisciplinary Sciences Department of Informatics, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
Doctor of Science(Mar, 1997, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Bachelor of Law(Mar, 1995, Hitotsubashi University)
Master of Science(May, 1990, The University of Illinois)
Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Science(May, 1985, The University of Illinois)

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Noriko H. Arai
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Noriko Arai received her doctoral degree in science from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1997. 
Her research interests are quite interdisciplinary: mathematical logic, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, math education, computer supported collaborative learning, science of science policy (SoSP) etc. She has been serving as invited speakers and program committee members in many international conferences in these research areas.
As the director of the center of Research Center for Community Knowledge at National Institute of Informatics (Japan), she is leading several projects. Netcommons Project, Researchmap Project, Todai Robot Project, Reading Skill Test Project etc.
NetCommons is the most popular content management system used in Japanese schools. More than 5,000 schools are now using NetCommons as their websites. Researchmap, Japanese Science of Science Policy (SoSP) platform, started in 2009, and more than 0.3 million researchers are now using it to manage their research inputs and outputs. (What you are now looking at is Researchmap.)  It covers most of active researchers and their activities in Japan. She is directing an AI project "Can an AI pass the entrance exams of the University of Tokyo (Todai Robot Project" since 2011, which was covered by not only major national media but also by international media inckuding The New York Times. Her talk at TED, "Can an AI pass the entrance exams of the University of Tokyo?", has been translated to 23 languages and watched by 1.6 million people. Her recent interest has shifted to design "Reading Skill Test" to measure one's literacy.
She was awarded many prizes including Prizes for Science and Technology, the Commendation for Science and Technology by Ministry of Education and Technology in 2010, Nexplo Awards in 2016.

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  • Noriko Arai, Ryuji Masukawa
    Feb, 2020 - Present Software
  • edumap 
    Noriko Arai
    Jan, 2020 - Present Software
  • Noriko Arai, Ryuji Masukawa
    Aug, 2017 - Present Software
  • Noriko Arai, Koken Ozaki, Takuya Matsuzaki, Shingo Sugawara, Naoya Todo, Miwa Inuduka, Teiko Arai
    Feb, 2016 - Present Educational material
  • Noriko H. Arai, Ryuji Masukawa
    Aug, 2005 - Present Software
  • Noriko H. Arai, Ryuji Masukawa
    Mar, 2009 - Dec, 2019 Software
  • Noriko H. Arai, Ryuji Masukawa
    Aug, 2008 - Dec, 2018 Software

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