Hideto Asashiba

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Hideto Asashiba

Published Papers

Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics   1-34   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
comm. Algebra      Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Tilted algebras and configurations of self- injective algebras of Dynkin type
Asashiba, Hideto and Nakashima, Ken
Comm. Algebra   45(no. 8) 3278-3296   2017   [Refereed]
A generalization of Gabriel’s Galois covering functors II: 2- categorical Cohen-Montgomery duality
Hideto Asashiba
Applied Categorical Structures   25(no. 2) 155-186   2017   [Refereed]
Asashiba, H., Nakashima, K., and Yoshiwaki, M.
Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics   34(2) 489-507   2017   [Refereed]


Simplicial complexes and tilting theory for Brauer tree algebras
H.Asashiba; Y.Mizuno; K.Nakashima
   Mar 2019
On Interval Decomposability of 2D Persistence Modules
H,Asashiba; M.Buchet; E.G.Escolar; K.Nakashima; M.Yoshiwaki
   Mar 2019
H. Asashiba, M. Kimura, K. Nakashima, M. Yoshiwaki
   Mar 2018
Assume that a basic algebra Tex over an algebraically closed field Tex
with a basic set Tex of primitive idempotents has the property that
Tex for all Tex. Let Tex be a nonzero integer, and Tex and
Tex two automorphisms...
Hideto Asashiba
   Jan 2019
Let Tex be a field, Tex a group, and Tex a bound quiver. A map
Tex is called a Tex-weight on Tex, which defines a Tex-graded
Tex-category Tex, and Tex is called homogeneous if Tex is a
homogeneous ideal of th...
Hideto Asashiba, Emerson G. Escolar, Yasuaki Hiraoka, Hiroshi Takeuchi
   Jun 2017
The theory of persistence modules on the commutative ladders Tex
provides an extension of persistent homology. However, an efficient algorithm
to compute the generalized persistence diagrams is still lacking. In this work,
we view a persi...
Hideto Asashiba
   Apr 2012
The Grothendieck construction of a diagram Tex of categories can be seen as a
process to construct a single category Tex by gluing categories in the
diagram together. Here we formulate diagrams of categories as colax functors
from a small cat...
Hideto Asashiba, Mayumi Kimura
   Nov 2011
We will give quiver presentations of the Grothendieck constructions of
functors from a small category to the 2-category of Tex-categories for a
commutative ring Tex.
Hideto Asashiba
   Nov 2011
Let Tex be a commutative ring and Tex a category. As a generalization of
a Tex-category with a (pseudo) action of a group we consider a family of
Tex-categories with a (pseudo, lax, or oplax) action of Tex, namely an
oplax functor from...
Hideto Asashiba
   May 2009
Given a group Tex, we define suitable 2-categorical structures on the class
of all small categories with Tex-actions and on the class of all small
Tex-graded categories, and prove that 2-categorical extensions of the orbit
category construction an...
Hideto Asashiba
   May 2009
Given a group Tex, we prove that the 2-category of small categories with
Tex-action and Tex-equivariant functors is 2-equivalent to the 2-category of
small Tex-graded categories and degree-preserving functors.
Hideto Asashiba
   Jul 2008
Let Tex be a group acting on a category Tex. We give a definition
for a functor Tex to be a Tex-covering and
three constructions of the orbit category Tex, which generalizes
the notion of a ...
Hideto Asashiba
   Jul 2008
Let G be a group of automorphisms of a category C. We give a definition for a
functor F: C --> C' to be a G-covering and three constructions of the orbit
category C/G, which generalizes the notion of a Galois covering of locally
Hideto Asashiba
MATHEMATISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT   259(4) 713-754   May 2007
For each simply-laced Dynkin graph Tex we realize the simple complex Lie
algebra of type Tex as a quotient algebra of the complex degenerate
composition Lie algebra Tex of a domestic canonical algebra
Tex of type $\De...

Books etc

Categories and Representation Theory, focused on 2-categorical covering theory
Hideto Asashiba
SAIENSU-SHA   Dec 2019   ISBN:978-4-7819-1465-7

Conference Activities & Talks

2-categorical Cohen- Montgomery duality generalized to pseudoactions of a small category [Invited]
Hideto Asashiba
Homological algebra, ring theory and Hochschild cohomology dedicated to the 70th birthday of Alexander Generalov   28 Oct 2019   
2-categorical Cohen-Montgomery duality between categories with I-pseudo-actions and I-graded categories for a small category I
Hideto Asashiba
28 Aug 2019   
Computations of persistence diagrams by almost split sequences [Invited]
Hideto Asashiba
Workshop “Computational Applications of Quiver Representations: TDA and QPA”   3 May 2019   
2-categorical Cohen-Montgomery duality for category pseudo-actions [Invited]
Hideto Asashiba
ISCRA2019   19 Apr 2019   
On interval decomposability of 2D persistence modules
Ken Nakashima(Hideto Asashiba)
17 Mar 2019