Asuka Tsuji

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Asuka Tsuji
Kawamura Gakuen Woman's University

Research Areas


Published Papers

辻 明日香
日本中東学会年報 = Annals of Japan Association for Middle East Studies   (31) 29-57   2015   [Refereed]
オリエント   54(2) 92-110   2011   [Refereed]
Bulletin of the Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan   49(2) 165-181   2006   [Refereed]
What were the reasons that provoked the majority of Copts to convert to Islam in fourteenth century Mamluk Egypt? Most modern scholars conclude that non-Muslims lived under coercion during that period. However, the causes and the extent of the pre...

Books etc

Gawdat Gabra and Hany Takla (eds.)
The American University in Cairo Press   Aug 2017   ISBN:9774167775
Katsumi Fukasawa et al(eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Wearing the Blue Turban Again: Christian Reconversions in Mamluk Egypt)
Routledge   Jun 2017   ISBN:1138743208
Paola Buzi et al. (eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Preliminary Report on Four saints from the Mamluk period: Hadid, Yuhanna al-Rabban, Barsauma al-‘Uryan, and ‘Alam)
Peeters   Sep 2016   ISBN:9042932732
Mariam Ayad (ed.) (Part:Joint Work, The Depiction of Muslims in the Miracles of Anba Barsauma al-‘Uryan)
The American University in Cairo Press   Aug 2016   ISBN:9774167503
Gawdat Gabra and Hany Takla (eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Notes on the Arabic Life of Ibrahim al-Fani: A Coptic Saint from the Fourteenth Century)
The American University in Cairo Press   Sep 2015   ISBN:9774166639
Sergio Carro Martin et al. (eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Medieval Coptic Apocalypses: Repression and Hope in the Apocalypse of Shenute)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing   Feb 2013   ISBN:1443842583

Conference Activities & Talks

Contesting Sacred Places: The Case of Gharbiya Province in Mamluk Egypt
Asuka Tsuji
Sixth Conference of the School of Mamlūk Studies   15 Jun 2019   
Survival Strategy of the Copts in Egypt II [Invited]
Asuka Tsuji
8 Sep 2017   
Survival Strategy of the Copts in Egypt
Asuka Tsuji
4 Mar 2017   
Church of the East/ Syriac Christianity in the Context of Global History
Asuka Tsuji
GHC Semina r“Sources in Global History”   28 Jan 2017   
Christian-Arabic Literature in the Mamluk Period : The Case Study of Sira Anba Barsuma al-Uryan wa Ajaib-hu [Invited]
Asuka Tsuji
German-Japanese Workshop on Mamlukology   6 Nov 2016