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Alternative names
Ayako Namba (難波 彩子)
Okayama University
Institute for Education and Student Services
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph.D. (Linguistics)(The University of Edinburgh)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2012
Associate Professor, Center for Liberal Arts and Education, Okayama University
- Associate Professor,Center for Lieberal Arts and Language Education,Foreign Language Education Center,Okayama University


Sep 2004
Nov 2011
Linguistics and English Language, School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences, The University of Edinburgh

Published Papers

“Listenership in Japanese interaction: The contributions of laughter”
Ayako Namba
Doctoral dissertation, The University of Edinburgh      Nov 2011   [Refereed]


"From listenership to identity construction: Situated laughter activities in Japanese conversational interaction"
Ayako Namba
Papers on and around the linguistics of BA 2017      Mar 2017   [Invited]
A study of Laughter in Co-Creaction of Conversation: Focusing on Listenership Behaviors
Aako Namba
Japanese Linguistics   36(4) 164-176   2017
"Listenership in English learning"
Ayako Namba
Listenership in Japanese conversational jokes
57-62   2014
"Features of Conversational Style in Japanese Family Interaction: Laughter as the Displays of Listenership"
Ayako Namba
Papers from the 15th National Conference of the Japanese Congnitive Linguistic Association Vol. 15   15 703-708   2015

Books etc

Studies of Communication on Listener Behaviours
Hitsuji Publisher   2018   
Framing Communication: Facets of Imbalance and Diversity in Participation
Kataoka, Kuniyoshi, Keiko Ikeda and Kaori Hata (eds.)
Kuroshio Publisher   Feb 2017   ISBN:978-4-87424-7
Studies of Communication on Listener Behaviours
Hitsuji Publisher   2018   

Conference Activities & Talks

"Feeling a sense of togetherness: Synchronised activities in Japanese interaction" [Invited]
The 16th International Pragmatics Conference   9 Jun 2019   
Workshop "Listenership and identity: The perspectives of cross-culture and gender"
The 18th Annual Conference of Pragmatics Society of Japan   2015   
"Re-constructing identities of Japanese college students: A dynamic shift after their overseas experience"
Ayako Namba
The 20th Sociolinguistics Symposium   Jun 2014   
"Presentation practices: Intercultural communication and re-construction of identity"
Ayako Namba
Our Share   May 2014   
"Measuring Various Cultural Limits of Humor in Language Classes"
Rucynski, John, Scott Saft and Ayako Namba
Australasian Humor Studies Network 20th Annual Colloquium   Feb 2014   
"Listenership in closing in Japanese interaction: The role of laughter towards reaching consensus"
Ayako Namba
13th International Pragmatics Conference   Sep 2013   
“From listenership to identity construction: Situated laughter activities in Japanese conversational interaction” [Invited]
Ayako Namba
Workshop on Emancipatory Pragmatics   Feb 2012   
Listenership in closing: The relationship between laughter and empathy in Japanese interaction
The 15th Annual Conference of Pragmatics Society of Japan   2012   
"Listenership in Japanese interaction: The contribution of laughter"
Co-creation of men and women's conversation: Listenership and identity
Roundtable "'Hearing,' 'listening,' and 'inquiring': Rethinking listener behavior"   2016   
“From listenership to identity construction: Situated laughter activities in Japanese conversational interaction”
Ayako Namba
An International Workshop on Linguistics of BA and The 11th Korea-Japan Workshop on Linguistics and Language Processing   Dec 2011   
“To cultivate communication skills and ‘zest for living’: From listenership to leadership to followership”
Ayako Namba, Yasushi Tsubota, Masatake Dantsuji, Kanako Maebo, Yasunari Harada
Sep 2011   
“Listenership in Japanese conversational interaction: Functions of laughter”
Ayako Namba
The 12th International Pragmatics Conference   Jul 2011   
"Listenership in Japanese conversational interaction: The role of laughter for developing and maintaining the mutual relations"
Ayako Namba
Laughter and Humor in Interaction Conference   Jun 2011   
"Laughter in assessment sequences in Japanese interaction"
Ayako Namba
The 10th International Pragmatics Conference   Jul 2007   
"Laughter in closing sequences in Japanese interaction"
Ayako Namba
Workshop on Applied Linguistics   Mar 2007   
“‘Listenership’ in Japanese face-to-face interaction: The contribution of laughter, especially its interaction with nodding and verbal backchannelling”
Ayako Namba
Postgraduate Conference 2006   May 2006   
"Politeness and laughter in Japanese female interaction"
Ayako Namba
The 4th International Gender and Language Association Conference   Nov 2006   

Social Contribution

Language and Intercultural Communication
[Lecturer]  8 Aug 2018 - 8 Aug 2018