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We have developed a novel screening system for PET probes visualizing native pathogenic protein aggregates in human brain. This system uses tiny stainless chips to make a number of small frozen native brain sections, and imaging mass spectrometry is used for selection of the chemicals with high affinity to the protein aggregates in brain sections.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
Researcher, Toyohashi University of Technology
Apr 2015
Mar 2016
Researcher, Laboratory of Radiation Safety, National Centre for Geriatrics and Gerontology
Apr 2011
Mar 2015
Researcher, Department of Drug Discovery, Natl Center Geriatrics Gerontol
Sep 2010
Feb 2011
Researcher, Institute for Biotechnology, Univ Cambridge
Apr 1995
Mar 2010
Research Associate, Fac Life Sci, Tokyo Univ Pharm Life Sci
- Research Associate,
Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science


Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Osaka University
Faculty of Science, Nagoya University

Published Papers

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An acute toxicity test for first-instar chironomid larvae was improved by using a Teflon sheet to prevent larvae from being trapped at the water surface during a 48-h test period. The improved procedure ensured that OECD test guideline 202 would b...
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ヒト血清中のアミロイドβ分解活性の特性分析(Characterization of Amyloid-β Degrading Activity in Human Serum)
Mikawa Ryuta, Okuno Alato, Takayanagi Akiko, Okada Ken, Yoshimi Tatsuya, Takikawa Osamu
基礎老化研究   38(2) 66-66   May 2014
肺芽外植培養においてHoxおよびFox因子は形態形成を調節する(Hox and Fox factors modulate morphogenesis of lung bud explant culture)
Yoshimi Tatsuya, Hashimoto Fumiko, Takahashi Yuji
Cell Structure and Function   30(Suppl.) 32-32   Jun 2005
摘出肺芽培養でのアンチセンスHoxB3による発達抑制(Antisense oligonucleotides against HoxB3 suppress embryonic lung development in explant culture system)
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Yoshimi Tatsuya
Cell Structure and Function   18(6) 551-551   Dec 1993
Studies on Transdifferentiation Mechanisms from Pineal Body Cells to Muscle Cells : Expression of Muscle Specific Molecules.

Conference Activities & Talks

Novel PET Probe Screening System for Tau Aggregates using Imaging Mass Spectrometry [Invited]
18 Oct 2014   


Detection of stress-induced genes in the midge, Chironomus yoshimatsui, by environmental pollutants.
1998 - 2005

Research Grants & Projects

Exploration and development of diagnostic and therapeutic targets for non-inflammatory liver cancer through focused analyses on tumor microenvironment
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2017    Investigator(s): KANTO Tatsuya
Development of high-throughput assay system for circulating miRNA
We have been developing miRNA detection system using an ultrasensitive semiconductor sensor. We tried to bind the cDNA on the sensor using a silane coupling reagent for the miRNA d...
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
Project Year: 2004 - 2005    Investigator(s): Tatsuya YOSHIMI
1.Stress genes in the midge, Chironomus ;We have screened and sequenced heat shock protein genes for hsp70 and hsc70 (heat shock protein-cognate). Homology analysis and their heat-idusibility test showed their stress-response under gene expression...
Studies on regulatory factors During Lung Cell Development.
Project Year: 1995   
Detection of Endocrine Disruptor Influence on Lung Cell Differentiation System
Total environmental assessment for chemicals in the fresh water sediment using stress-gene expression of the midge, chironomus.
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1998