Toru Bando

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Toru Bando
St. Luke's International University

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Published Papers

Nakanishi Yusuke;Kojima Fumitsugu;Kamo Minobu;Wakejima Ryo;Okura Mariko;Jinta Torahiko;Chonabayashi Naohiko;Bando Toru
[Preoperative Arterial Embolization with N-butyl-2 Cyanoacrylate for Chronic Cavitary Pulmonary Aspergillosis with Trauma Induced Type Ⅰ Diabetes Mellitus].   69(3)    2016
:A 50-year-old man with hemoptysis, given a diagnosis of left upper lobe pulmonary aspergilloma with cavity and fungus ball by computed tomography. He has a history of typeⅠ diabetes mellitus due to traumatic injury of pancreas and underwent diaph...
Yamada Tetsu;Sowa Terumasa;Bando Toru;Date Hiroshi
Experimental study in pulmonary artery sealing with a vessel-sealing device.   24(6)    2016
BACKGROUND:The development of vessel-sealing devices will facilitate safety in video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. Our objective was to evaluate the feasibility and safety of sealing pulmonary arteries with the Enseal tissue-sealing device.;METH...


佐藤 雅昭, 大政 貢, 山田 徹, 毛受 暁史, 陳 豊史, 佐藤 寿彦, 青山 晃博, 園部 誠, 板東 徹, 伊達 洋至
Journal of Japan Surgical Society   115(2)    Mar 2014
Sato Masaaki, Yamada Tetsu, Aoyama Akihiro, Chen Fengshi, Sonobe Makoto, Bando Toru, Date Hiroshi
The Journal of the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery   28(4) 439-445   2014
We present techniques for safe and efficient donor operation in living related donor lobar lung transplantation. (1) Preparation for left atrium (LA) clamp slippage: after clamping the LA, we place stitches at each edge of the LA on the graft side...
Yamanashi Keiji, Yamada Tetsu, Aoyama Akihiro, Bando Toru, Date Hiroshi
The Journal of the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery   28(5) 590-595   2014
A 59-year-old man with a complaint of hemosputum was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung in the right upper lobe invading the trachea. After induction chemoradiotherapy, chest CT and FDG-PET showed a partial response. He underwent a...
IKEDA Masaki, CHEN Fengshi, MIYATA Ryo, TAKAHASHI Koji, BANDO Toru, DATE Hiroshi
The Journal of the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery   26(7) 753-756   Nov 2012
We report a case of lung cancer with a thin-walled cavity detected concurrently with angiosarcoma of the scalp. A 51-year-old man, who suffered from angiosarcoma of the scalp, presented with a mass of 6×8 mm, mainly containing a thin-walled cavity...
ZHANG Jitian, CHEN Fengshi, FUJINAGA Takuji, BANDO Toru, NIKI Shunitiro, DATE Hiroshi
The Journal of the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery   25(2) 187-193   Mar 2011
A 76-year-old male underwent left upper lobectomy for primary lung cancer. Perioperative routine prophylaxis for pulmonary embolism was conducted. His postoperative course was without complications, and he was discharged on postoperative day (POD)...