Kenji Daigo

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Kenji Daigo
Nippon Medical School
Institution for Advanced Medical Sciences
Job title
Assistant Professor
ph.D.(The University of Tokyo)
Other affiliation
Humanitas Clinical and Research Center


Dr. Kenji Daigo is a Assistant Professor at Institute for Advanced Medical Sciences in Nippon Medical School. He has been a project Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology since 2007 for eleven years. He had worked as visiting postdoctoral fellow at Humanitas Clinical and Research Center since 2013 for four years. His publications emphasize the host-protective roles of pentraxin3 (PTX3), which plays an important role in innate immunity, with proteins delivered from neutrophils. In the recent past, he and his colleagues have focused on the protective effect of PTX3 against extracellular histones-mediated endothelial cytotoxicity in sepsis. They have also demonstrated the unique mechanism of PTX3-histone interaction that may lead the treatment of sepsis.

Research Areas


Published Papers

Daigo Kenji, Takamatsu Yuichiro, Hamakubo Takao
Frontiers in Immunology   7 344   2016   [Refereed]
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Daigo Kenji, Inforzato Antonio, Barajon Isabella, Garlanda Cecilia, Bottazzi Barbara, Meri Seppo, Mantovani Alberto
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Journal of Immunology   194(10) 4963-4973   May 2015   [Refereed]


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