chigaya kinoshita

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chigaya kinoshita
Meiji Gakuin University

Research Areas


Published Papers

Chantal Mouffe, End of Democracy and Challenge of New Right
chigaya kinoshita(Translate)
90-106   May 2012   [Refereed]
Stevphen Shukaitis., The metropolitan factory: how capitalist exploitation extends through all corners of the city
chigaya kinoshita(Translate)
(4) 132-137   Apr 2010
Andrea Fumagalli & Stefano Lucarelli, Basic Income and Counter-Power in Cognitive Capitalism
chigaya kinoshita(Translate)
(2) 38-66   May 2007

Books etc

Japan and the High Treason Incident
chigaya kinoshita (M,Gavin.,B,Middleton;ed) (Part:Joint Work, pp.67-80)
Routledge   May 2013   
Midnight Notes Collective and Friend, Promissory Notes-from crisis to commons
Nov 2009   
Chomsky on Anarchism
chigaya kinoshita (Part:Single Translation)
Jan 2009   
The Vertigo of Late Modernity,
Aug 2008   
A Brief History of Neo-liberalism
Feb 2007   

Conference Activities & Talks

Social movement of students after 3/11
chigaya kinoshita
The Biennial Conference of the Japanese Studies Association of Australia   29 Jun 2017   
Neoliberalism, U.S. intervention, and the Politics of 3.11”, "The World After Fukushima"[ [Invited]
chigaya kinoshita
The Center for Place, Culture and Politics at CUNY and Todos Somos Japon   Oct 2011   
”Ethos of resistance in the early socialist movement-focusing on the debate on the parliamentalism in Japan 1907” [Invited]
chigaya kinoshita
Centennial Commemoration of the High Treason Incident-Looking Backward from Australia,   Aug 2010   
The Patriot Act and Communication Privacy
chigaya kinoshita
“New Dimensions of Cultural Studies: Globalization, War, Media and Cultural Studies”   Jul 2002