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Chiharu Negishi
Annual bulletin of the Japanese Society for the Study on Teacher Education   (27) 146-156   2018   [Refereed]
In recent years, the training for preparing graduate students as future faculty members has been demanded, and Preparing Future Faculty Program (PFFP) has been mainly implemented in research universities. Currently, PFFP in Japan includes not only...
MATSUKAWA Hideya, OYAMA Makiko, NEGISHI Chiharu, ARAI Yoshiko, IWASAKI Chiaki, HOTTA Hiroshi, KUSHIMOTO Takeshi, KAWAZURA Kiyo, SUGIMOTO Kazuhiro
Japan Journal of Educational Technology   42(Suppl) 37‐40   2018   [Refereed]
OYAMA Makiko, NEGISHI Chiharu, SATO Hiroaki
Japan Journal of Educational Technology   41(Suppl) 225-228   2018   [Refereed]
MATSUKAWA Hideya, OYAMA Makiko, NEGISHI Chiharu, ARAI Yoshiko, IWASAKI Chiaki, HOTTA Hiroshi
Japan Journal of Educational Technology   41(3) 233-244   2018   [Refereed]
This study aimed to analyze nine years' worth of sixty thousand free descriptions of course evaluation questionnaires, which originally appeared to be overly difficult to handle in terms of extracting information that had been administered to a ce...
Negishi Chiharu, Sakajiri Akihiro, Hori Kazunari, Yamaguchi Kazuya
Osaka University higher education studies   (5) 63-69   2017   [Refereed]
Academic writing course for students majoring in natural science was designed as the first-year experience. It was an active learning style in a small class that students cooperated and taught with each other. Students worked on report subjects st...


根岸 千悠, 浦田 悠, 大山 牧子, 野瀬 由季子, 佐藤 浩章
日本教育工学会研究報告集   19(3) 1-8   Jul 2019
Makiko Oyama, Chiharu Negishi, Yukiko Nose
Research report of JET Conferences   18(3) 109-112   Jul 2018
Makiko Oyama, Chiharu Negishi, Akihiko Ieshima
Research report of JET Conferences   18(1) 209-213   Mar 2018
Chiharu Negishi, Shin Heejae, Oyama Makiko
Research report of JET Conferences   17(3) 107-112   Jul 2017

Conference Activities & Talks

Analysis of the Teaching Observation Record by Graduate Students in the Preparing Future Faculty Program
Chiharu NEGISHI, Yu URATA, Hiroaki SATO
7 Sep 2019   
Negishi Chiharu
30 Sep 2018   
Negishi Chiharu, Urata Yu, Oyama Makiko, Sato Hiroaki
28 Sep 2018   
Negishi Chiharu
日本教師教育学会第27回大会   30 Sep 2017   
Negishi Chiharu, Urata Yu, Oyama Makiko, Sato Hiroaki
日本教育工学会第33回全国大会   17 Sep 2017