Zhenya ZHANG

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Zhenya ZHANG
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The study in this group mainly focus on the application of biotechnology and life sciences on practice use for a sustainable society, including the basic and application research on clean energy, biomass transformation, and water purification. With the biomass as the main research field, the group is divided into four specific small groups, which are focus on biogas, bioethanol, water purification, and functional food, respectively.
1. In the field of biogas, the development of a high-effectively anaerobic bioreactor, the productivity of vitamin B12 and the generation of the methane are carried out by using the methanol-consuming methane bacterium. In the research of the dry methane fermentation, the effects of the temperature, moisture, and the ratio of carbon to nitrogen in the fermentation process are investigated, and the analysis of the microbial community and dynamic research under different fermentation condition are carried out.
2. The research of the bioethanol aims at the transformation technology of the agriculture residue (straw etc.) to ethanol by using the bioengineering technique, especially at the development of the pretreatment method and the saccharification method of lignocellulose material with high efficiency.
3. In the field of water purification, it is aimed to development a saving energy wastewater treatment technology by combining the advanced technology in Japan and the traditional technology in China. Electrochemical treatment, adsorption and biological method are studied for removal of hazardous substances such as NO3--N, As, F, Cr.
4. In the field of functional food, biomass such as novice and old rice, soybean curd residue, and waste biomass shochu; Laminaria japonica, cortex moutan, mushroom Inonotus obliquus are used to develop function food with characters of high anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-cancer and physiological regulation function.

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