COLLET, Christian

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COLLET, Christian
International Christian University
College of Liberal Arts Division of Arts and Sciences
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Senior Associate Professor
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2005
Mar 2008
Doshisha University (Research Employment)

Published Papers

COLLET, Christia
Perspectives on Politics   6 pp. 707-728   Apr 2008
The Viability of 'Going it Alone': Vietnamese Americans and the Coalition Experience of a Transnational Community
COLLET, Christia
Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts   1 pp. 279-311   2008
"The Significance of Madison Nguyen and the Rise of the Vietnamese American Voter in San Jose, California: Analysis and Commentary"
COLLET, Christia
Doshisha American Studies   43 pp. 131-150   2007
COLLET, Christia
Journal of Politics   67(3) pp. 907-933   Apr 2005
COLLET, Christian, Bernard Grofman, Guillermo Owen and Christian Collet
Public Choice   99(3-4) 357-376   Apr 1999


Change Triumphant? What We Learned about American Democracy from the 2008 Presidential Elections.
COLLET, Christia
The American Presidential Election of 2008   pp.121-144   2009
Contested Nation: Vietnam and the Emergence of Saigon Nationalism in the United States
COLLET, Christian, Hiroko Furuya
The Transnational Politics of Asian Americans   pp. 56-73   2009
Does Transnational Living Preclude Panethnic Thinking? An Exploration of Asian American Identities
COLLET, Christian, Ikumi Koakutsu
The Transnational Politics of Asian Americans   pp. 168-185   2009
"The Transnational Politics of Asian Americans: Controversies, Questions, Convergence"
COLLET, Christian, Pei-te Lie
The Transnational Politics of Asian Americans   pp. 1-24   2009
The Declining Significance of Ralph
COLLET, Christian, Jerrold Hanse
"The State of the Parties, 5th Edition"   pp. 249-264   2007

Conference Activities & Talks

Asian Americans and Item Non-Response in Sociopolitical Telephone Surveys
COLLET, Christia
Annual Meeting of the American Association of Public Opinion Research   2007   
"Changing Perceptions of Home?: Transnationalism, Incorporation and Vietnamese American Attitudes toward the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, 1994-2004"
COLLET, Christia
Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association   2007   
Why Tran Won and Quach Lost
COLLET, Christia
Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association   2006   
The Declining Significance of Ralph: The 2004 Elections and the Future of Independent and Minor Party Politics in America
COLLET, Christia
The State of the Parties   2005   
Transnationalism and Immigrant Incorporation: Considering the Protest-to-Politics Model in a Vietnamese American Community
COLLET, Christia
Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association   2005