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EPIS (Energy Poverty and Information Science) Research Group

This research group intends to contribute to the academic area of energy poverty by introducing the perspective of computer science. ...

Members: 3 Created : 2021/02/27


Community for SUNRISE Japan Project

Members: 16 Created : 2021/02/21

Research Group of Education in Russia and U.S.S.R

It is a group of researchers interested in education in Russian Federation and countries in former U.S.S.R and surrounding area....

Members: 4 Created : 2021/02/18


proposal of OEL

Members: 1 Created : 2021/02/14

DIY PC for Rearch Community

For artificial intelligence research, having a PC at hand can be very useful. Especially in the medical field, it is sometimes difficult to transfer r...

Members: 1 Created : 2021/02/10

the person theory


Members: 1 Created : 2021/02/07

brain death and organ transplantation


Members: 1 Created : 2021/02/07

Open Science

オープンサイエンスに関するコミュニティがなかったので作ってみました. オープンサイエンスといっても様々ですが,取り急ぎ,ここでのオープンサイエンスは最...

Members: 4 Created : 2021/02/07

Research Group for Management Education


Members: 2 Created : 2021/02/03

intellectual history research group


Members: 3 Created : 2021/01/24

AHKJ_Global Matrix 4.0

Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance 日本チームのGlobal Matrix 4.0に向けた情報共有

Members: 4 Created : 2021/01/17

SUNRISE Japan Yamaguchi


Members: 5 Created : 2021/01/08

Anti-natalism research community

In recent years, it has become a hot topic on social networking sites, and research papers and books have gradually appeared, but there is still a wea...

Members: 2 Created : 2021/01/05

Bioethics community

I created this site because there was no community to discuss bioethical issues yet. I am a young person myself, but I would like to exchange opinions...

Members: 1 Created : 2021/01/05

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS)

The energy must enrich our lives and become the basis of industry. Our lives would not be possible without consuming them, but there is also the fear ...

Members: 1 Created : 2020/12/30



Members: 1 Created : 2020/12/14

Sports Nutrition Institute, Exercise Ecology Studio


Members: 1 Created : 2020/11/24

Data Science in High School


Members: 10 Created : 2020/11/17

Japanese Society for History of Anthropology


Members: 1 Created : 2020/11/15