Create date : 2016/12/07
Update date : 2019/04/19
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It is said that light has no intrinsic limitations. The object of this research area is to test and attempt to overcome limitations using light. More specifically, the research area targets (1) research attempting to create new uses for light that can meet a variety of future demands of society in such areas as the environment, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, and medical care; (2) research using phenomena that appears through the presence and mediation of light to break down walls of conventional fields, such as physics, chemistry, biology and engineering, and bring about great innovation; (3) research for establishing more universal principles and phenomena from the perspective of optical science through high-energy density physics, high field photon science, and studies on the properties of matter under extreme conditions; and (4) research for thoroughly investigating light sources and light-sensing, measuring, and imaging functions needed to implement the above items (1) – (3) and to make such functions available for new applications.
This research area will take a cross-disciplinary approach by actively exchanging information with researchers in other science/technology fields peripherally related to optical sciences and is aimed at producing new perspectives and ideas in advanced research on fields that treat diverse and complex phenomena.


2015.11.24 Kickoff meeting, JST
2016.04.16 1st Internal Conference, Fuchu, Tokyo
2016.09.20 Kickoff meeting 2016, JST
2016.10.29 2nd Internal Conference, Onna, Okinawa
2016.10.30 OIST-PRESTO Joint Sympojium on Frontiers in Optics and Photonics, OIST