Daiju Narita

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Daiju Narita
The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Job title
Associate Professor
PhD in Sustainable Development(Columbia University), M.Sc.(University of Tokyo), B.Sc.(University of Tokyo)
Other affiliation
JICA Research InstituteKiel Institute for the World Economy
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Sep 2017
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
Apr 2016
Aug 2017
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, Hokkaido University
Apr 2014
Mar 2016
Research Fellow, JICA Research Institute
Jun 2008
Mar 2014
Researcher, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Apr 1999
Jun 2004
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology


Sep 2004
May 2008
Sustainable Development Program, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University
Apr 1997
Mar 1999
Department of Chemistry, School of Science, University of Tokyo
Apr 1993
Mar 1997
Department of Chemistry, School of Science, University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Pollution Characteristics and Policy Actions on Fine Particulate Matter in a Growing Asian Economy: The Case of Bangkok Metropolitan Region
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Economic accounting of ethiopian forests: A natural capital approach
Narita, D., M. Lemenih, Y. Shimoda, and A.N. Ayana
Forest Policy and Economics   97 189-200   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Toward an Accounting of the Values of Ethiopian Forests as Natural Capital
Daiju Narita
JICA-RI Working Paper   (140)    Feb 2017
Rehdanz, K., Schröder, C., Narita, D., Okubo, T.
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How Will Germany’s CCS Policy Affect the Development of a European CO2 Transport Infrastructure?
Bertram, C., N. Heitmann, D. Narita and M. Schwedeler
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Recent Developments in European Support Systems for Renewable Power
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Narita Daiju, Rehdanz Katrin, Tol Richard S. J.
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Narita Daiju
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Do We Know Enough to Control the Environmental Problems Now or Should We Wait Until More Is Known?
Daiju Narita
Climate Change: Current Issues      2011
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Chemosphere - Global Change Science   1(1-3) 137   Aug 1999   [Refereed]

Books etc

The Kabwe Household Socioeconomic Survey (KHSS) 2017 Report
Hiwatari, M., D. Yamada, P. Hangoma, D. Narita, C. Mphuka, and B. Chitah (Part:Joint Work)
Aug 2018