サッカーにおける認知的トレーニングの有効性に関する研究 : ボールを奪った後の攻撃局面に着目して

  • 李 宇韺
  • ,
  • 平田 大輔
  • ,
  • 續木 智彦
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  • 西條 修光


This research examined an effi ciency of practical and cognitive training with video recording,restricting images of" eff ective attacking phase" which is one of most important factors in soccer.The purpose is to clarify an effi ciency of cognitive training indoor, examining how a cooperative performance with other players infl uences on decision making and strategic accuracy.The examinees belong to a soccer club of K University which is in 2nd division of Kanto University league. (Age:20.0 ± 1.3 year, Experience:13.8 ± 2.0 year). Considering a balance of competition level and position, a manager of K University (10 year experience) separated into two groups," a managing team" with 11 players and" a video training group" with 11. A process of examination was conducted with a training case of a counter attack, considered by a soccer specialist. The examination was conducted with 20 sessions in mid and late August in 2008, of which consist of 8 sessions (pre-test, post-test, and 6 trainings). We recorded every training session with video to verify an efficiency of the training. A group of video training conducted trainings in a fi eld, discussing among managers and players, and reviewed video images of training of the day in a meeting room afterwards. Another control group was directed in a fi eld only after the training by a manager. Both are conducted for 20 minutes. The analysis was if a performance would be eff ective and working smoothly and marked with 4 points by 3 soccer specialist who have not been involved in the trainings. And we conducted the examination of" processing time"," a number of processed performance", and" involved numbers of players", till reaching a shot. A share of each performance was examined with "Data Striker Input System". We proved that" a video training group" which the manger advised and coached appropriately with projection and decision of cooperative performance discussing among players in a positive manner, is with a better performance than" a managing group" for a processing time and involved numbers of players in a counter attacking training. This gives a good infl uence of an ability of decision making and the performance, and proved an effi ciency of cognitive training.

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