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Using analytical aesthetics as a clue, I study the relationship between fiction, criticism, aesthetics and ethics. Now, on the one hand, I am building a theory about persona relations and acceptance as representations of persons and fixed characters, and persons through a particular medium, and on the other hand, for my master's thesis, with a focus on pornography, I am studying the connection between fiction and reality, representation and social construction, and ethics of taste from analytical aesthetics as well as analytical philosophy, analytical feminism perspectives, and how philosophy can contribute partially to the realization of social justice. I also attempt to apply aesthetic tools to criticism. The following is an explanation of the research interests.

1.What is art?
In my graduation research, under the title of "What is art and how is it revealed?" I worked on the concept of art and the methodology to question it. The reason was that I was interested in how the particular positive connotations of the concept of art were created. First, I took up the theory of the definition of art in analytical aesthetics, and from the results, I advocated the necessity of following the conceptual history of art, in addition to searching for necessary and sufficient conditions. Mainly, by showing the argument in P.O. Kristeler's classic work "System of modern arts" that "a body of art consisting of five major forms of art: poetry and painting and sculpture and music and dance emerged for the first time in the 18 century" as long as he closely examined the discourse of Aristotle and Plato on which it was based, it was insufficient as a clue, I asserted the necessity of studying the history of concepts of art.

2. From art to various expressions
As I study the concept of art, we reaffirm the importance of focusing not only on the large category of art, but also on the characteristics of the various forms of art, such as paintings, photographs, films, and music. I'm now analyzing popular culture, such as fashion and idols, that are not considered to be traditional art forms. However, I am not an idol fan from the bottom of my heart or a stylish person. But that's why I'm interested in this popular culture. Because what we have been and continue to be influenced by since childhood is an expression in this popular culture, and therefore I believe that the analysis and criticism of the popular things woven into our lives reveal (And that ethical issue) the everyday nature of our sensitivity. In particular, I have been working on "the culture of appreciating human symbols" which is a form of expression that exists around us and is closely related to it.

3.Person, Persona, Character
Concretely, I have been interested in the practice of culture where human or anthropomorphic representations such as idols and characters can be seen. So far, I have studied Virtual YouTuber, a unique culture that combines idols, YouTubers, and character culture, which has been spreading into the Internet culture since the end of 2017. Based on media theory, aesthetics, and star research, I have constructed a theory on cultural formats consisting of three layers: Person, Persona, and Figurative characters. In the future, while clarifying its aesthetic characteristics, I will continue our research in relation to ethical issues.

4.Pornography and social justice
I am researching pornography and social justice for my master's thesis. The purpose of this project is to construct a theory that can be used as an analytical and critical tool to achieve social justice by asking questions such as the effect of a representation on reality, the possibility of criticism of a representation that is said to bring about injustice in reality, and the methodology of the criticism. Based on the suggestions of Catherine McKinnon and Andrea Doworkin, I am currently developing a theory to analyze the ethical issues of pornography, based on the theory of pornography, which has been discussed in modern analytical philosophy and analytical aesthetics.

5.Criticism as a practice of aesthetics
In parallel with this work of theoretical construction, I am trying to apply the tools presented in analytical aesthetics and art to criticism. For example, I use the categories of visual criticism and art by using the discussion on the ethics of fictional pornography and voyeurism, or I use the discussion of the philosophy of the movie and the puppet aesthetics. Theories and concepts can not be constructed autonomously, but they are used to describe and understand practice and actual expression. On the other hand, practice and description can be formed, at least in part, by theory and concepts, and I am trying, as a practitioner, to go back and forth between aesthetic research and criticism as a practice.

The research notes on analytical aesthetics are available on my blog 'Lichtung'.
'Lichtung Criticism' is a virtual YouTuber and pop culture critique based on analytical aesthetics.

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Feeling, Emotion, Affect
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Non Bekit wor Amufo Realism of Fiction: Ontology of the slender margin between the real and the fictional
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Conference Activities & Talks

Without Itself [Invited]
NAMBA Yuuki, TANAKA Daiske
28 Jul 2019   
The Japan Forum for Young Philosophers   14 Jul 2019