Yuji Miyazaki

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Yuji Miyazaki
Hosei University
Job title
Travel Trade & Marketing Director
Other affiliation
Adjunct Faculty Member, Regional Policy Dept, Tokyo University
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An experienced and highly self-motivated marketing professional with over 20 year’s experience at global organizations in int‘l tourism in Britain, Japan and the US. Gained MBA in Marketing at HBS. Manage budget and staff, both Japanese and non-Japanese, to motivate and perform their best ability. Thoroughly experienced in marketing for nation, region and cities. Leadership and project management skills in cross functional team at all levels. Well-connected with int’l tourism industry including destination, airline, accommodation, theme park, travel trade and Government. Serve university professor specializing in international tourism marketing as well as a chair for Tourism & Nation Branding Committee of Japanese Government.

Research Areas

  • Management / Management / Place & Destination Branding
  • Management / Management / Marketing & Branding
  • Sociology / Sociology / Tourism Policy in Europe, USA and Japan

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Lecturer, The Faculty of International Tourism Management, Toyo University
Apr 2017
Mar 2019
Assistant Professor, The faculty of Liberal Arts Department of International Studies, Kyoto Tachibana University
Sep 2017
Mar 2018
Parttime Lecturer, The Faculty of Global Communication, Doshisha Women University
Apr 2016
Mar 2018
Parttime Lecturer, Faculty of International Tourism, Toyo University
Jun 2013
Jan 2017
Travel Trade & Marketing Director, Visit California Japan
Dec 2008
May 2013
Marketing Specialist, Visit Japan Project Group, Japan National Tourism Organization
May 1994
Nov 2008
CRM & Marketing Manager, APMEA CRM & Evaluation Regional Manager, Asia Pacific Middle East Africa Division, VisitBritain


Apr 2015
Sep 2018
Regional Policy Design Department Doctor's Corse Ph.D, Hosei University Graduate School
Apr 1998
Mar 2000
Master of Business Administration, International Management Department, Hosei Graduate School

Awards & Honors

Dec 2000
Tourism Dissertation Contest, United Nation World Tourism Organization

Published Papers

What is culture at inbound tourism?
Yuji Miyazaki
JAFIT   (24) 81-90   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Power of Culture in Place Branding
Yuji Miyazaki
The JAFIT collection of articles & essays on tourism publications on volume 23   (23) 125-134   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Sustainable tourist destination in fictional anthropomorphic character
Yuji Miyazaki
The Academy of Contents Tourism   3(3) 1-11   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Study of repeat visitation at international tourism
Yuji Miyazaki
United Nation World Tourism Organization UNWTO   (6) 53-54   Nov 2000   [Refereed]
The study of repeat visitation in international tourism
Yuji Miyazaki
MBA Dissertation at Hosei Business School      Mar 2000   [Refereed]


VisitBritain Britain Tourism Market & Trade Profile
1-17   Apr 2006
Co-authored internally

Books etc

Doyu Publication   May 2016   ISBN:4496052067
Yuji Miyazaki (Part:Joint Work)
Doyukan   Jun 2013   ISBN:4496044501
Yuji Miyazaki (Part:Contributor)
Mokurakusha   Nov 2007   ISBN:4907818998
Yuji Miyazaki (Part:Joint Work)
Doyukan   Sep 2006   ISBN:4496041723

Conference Activities & Talks

Performance measurement by Destination Marketing Organization
Yuji Miyazaki
Tourism Seminar in collaboration with Tokyo   Nov 2019   
Performance measurement at VisitBritain
Yuji Miyazaki
Destination Marketing Professional Association   5 Jul 2019   
Aoyama Gakuin University
Oct 2017   
How to utilize culture at inbound tourism
Destination Marketing Professional Association   31 Jan 2017   
Destination & Place Marketing [Invited]
Mejiro University   18 Jan 2017   
Private Sector Development: DMO & Marketing [Invited]
JICA Knowledge Co-creation Program Ministry of Foreign Affairs   Oct 2016   
Place Branding in USA
Atomi Women University   May 2016   
Sustainable tourist destination in fictional anthropomorphic character
Contents Tourism Association   Nov 2015   
Place Branding in US, UK and Japan [Invited]
Bunri University   Apr 2015   
International Tourism in the United States of America [Invited]
Mejiro University   Jan 2015   
International Tourism in the United States of America [Invited]
JTB Travel & Hotel College   Dec 2014   
Visit Japan Global Campaign [Invited]
Tourist Information Center Training   Mar 2011   
What is Visit Japan Campaign [Invited]
Dentsu   Jun 2010   
Visit Japan the final
Kyushu Regional Bureau   Sep 2009   
Market Update
VisitBritain Sales Mission   May 2006   
International Tourism in United Kingdom [Invited]
Rikkyo University   Sep 2005   

Research Grants & Projects

Tourism Funding in EU with a focu on Greece
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research: 2020 Research (B)
Project Year: Oct 2019   

Social Contribution

Travel Journal
[Informant]  Travel Journal  Dec 2019
Night Tourism Economy
[Informant]  DMO Tokyo Marunouchi  Edo Tokyo Night Market  Aug 2019 - Aug 2019
Travel Journal
[Contribution]  The study of culture at inbound tourism  Dec 2017
Travel Journal
[Contribution]  The study of culture at inbound tourism  Nov 2017
Ministry of the Environment
[Advisor]  Advisor to Ministry of the Environment  Jun 2017
Travel Journal
[Contribution]  Observe tourism budget for FY 2017  Mar 2017
Travel Journal
[Contribution]  Power of Culture in Place Branding  31 Oct 2016
Travel Journal
[Contribution]  Power of Culture in Place Branding  10 Oct 2016
Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA)
[Advisor]  Instructor to Government Organization's staff  Oct 2016
U.S. Embassy
[Contribution]  American View Public Diplomacy  Tourist Resorces in California  Apr 2016
Gunma Prefectural Chuo Secondary School
[Advisor]  Gunma Prefectural Chuo Secondary School  Jul 2016
Japan Ecotourism Society
[Contribution]  ECO Tourism  National Parks and World Heritage in USA  Jul 2016
[Interviewee, Media coverage cooperation]  JATA communication  What Japan learns from Europe  Mar 2006
[Contribution]  Nippon Foundation  The study of repeat visitation  Sep 2001
Work Classroom
[Media coverage cooperation]  Recruit  Work Classroom  Dec 2000


Nov 2019   Responsible Conduct of Research
Nov 2018   Active Learning Program at Osaka University