Enrico Fongaro

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Enrico Fongaro
Tohoku University
Graduate School of Arts and Letters

Research Areas


Published Papers

Some problems in Nishida's Philosophy Translation - For example, about "feelings"
Enrico Fongaro
Annual Report of Tohoku Philosophy Association   (35) 51-64   May 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
Corporeità e desoggettivazione nell'estetica interculturale di Kitarō Nishida
Enrico Fongaro
Scenari   9 201-222   2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Can Westerners Understand the Arts of Other Cultures and What Might They Learn by Doing So? A Long-Distance Dialogue
Enrico Fongaro
Journal of World Philosophies   3(1) 93-122   2018   [Refereed][Invited]
L’ospite di Hakuin – Eternità e fantasmi nelle prime opere di Nishida Kitarō
Enrico Fongaro
Art History   36 9-22   Mar 2015   [Invited]
Nulla e tempo; L’esperienza dell'Ora Eterno in Uno studio sul bene di Nishida Kitarō
Enrico Fongaro
Art History   35 29-43   Mar 2013   [Invited]
The Giotto’s O – Some considerations about the reception of the Italian translation of Zen No Kenkyū
Enrico Fongaro
9 186-174   Jul 2012   [Refereed][Invited]
L’idea di natura tra Cina e Giappone
Enrico Fongaro
Oltrecorrente   11 143-152   Dec 2005   [Refereed][Invited]
Karl Japsers, Splendore e miseria di Martin Heidegger
Enrico Fongaro
Micromega   Almanacco di filosofia 191-222   1997   [Refereed][Invited]
Joint translation

Books etc

Contemporary Japanese Philosophy and East-Asia
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Contributor, The East-Asia Philosophy seen from Western Philosophy - The Italian Intercultural Interpretation of Kitaro Nishida's Thought)
National Taiwan University Press   Jun 2019   
Opere di Kitaro Nishida vol. 2, Pensiero ed esperienza vissuta corporea
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Single Translation)
Mimesis   2019   
3.11 Disaster and Trauma in Experience, Understanding, and Imagination
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Contributor, Forget the Unforgettable or Recall the Unrecollectable? How to Commemorate Fukushima's Nuclear Disaster (If Time has Gone out of Joint))
Mimesis International   2019   
What I learnt from Japan
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Contributor)
Dec 2017   
The Bloomsbury Research Book of Contemporary Japanese Philosophy
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Contributor, Bodily Present Activity in History – An Artistic Streak in Nishida Kitarō’s Thought)
Bloomsbury Academic   Sep 2017   
How to Learn?: Nippon/Japan as Object, Nippon/Japan as Method
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Contributor, ”Sahō” as a Method? Some Reflections on “Nippon/Japan as Method”)
Mimesis International   Apr 2017   
Opere di Kitarō Nishida vol. 1, Uno studio sul bene
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Single Translation)
Mimesis   2017   
La filosofia e l’altrove
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Single Translation, Kitarō Nishida, Tre saggi di estetica)
Mimesis   2016   
Japanese Buddhism from a comparative point of view
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Contributor)
Dec 2015   
Con un altro sguardo – Piccola introduzione alla filosofia interculturale
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Joint Work, Il pensiero interculturale di Nishida Kitarō)
Donzelli   Mar 2015   
Keywords to understand cultures
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Contributor)
Mar 2015   
Kitarō Nishida, Problemi fondamentali della filosofia
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Single Translation)
Marsilio   2014   
Martin Heidegger, Il "Sofista" di Platone
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Joint Translation)
Adelphi   2013   
Kitarō Nishida, Luogo
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Single Translation)
Mimesis International   2012   
Carlo Michelstaedter, Parmenide ed Eraclito Empedocle
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Joint Editor)
SE   2011   
Kitarō Nishida, Uno studio sul bene
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Single Translation)
Bollati Boringhieri   2008   
Ricercando in Giappone
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Contributor, Una filosofia dell’esperienza pura: Uno studio sul bene di Nishida Kitarō)
Domograf   2008   
Max Weber, Scritti politici
Enrico Fongaro (Part:Joint Translation)
Donzelli   1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

Dogen and Philosophy [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
43rd Husserl Abend   22 Jun 2019   
La forma attraverso il corpo - Alcune considerazioni sull'estetica del kata [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
FISSPA Seminar of aesthetics   14 Feb 2019   
Italian Sensibility - Hue and Time [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
"The present of artistic sensibility" - Japanisch-Deutsches Kulturinstitut   23 Nov 2018   
Fading "Furusato": On the Obsession with Origin [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
Furusato: 'Home' at the Nexus of Politics, History, Art, Society, and Self - Università Ca' Foscari   15 Nov 2018   
"Feeling" and "thought" in Nishida Kitaro's translations [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
27 Oct 2018   
The Role of Keiko 稽古 (Training) in the Practice of Iaidō 居合道 [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
Übergänge - Crossing the Boundaries in Japanese Philosophy 4th ENOJP Conference, Universität Hildesheim   6 Sep 2018   
I giapponesi e la Seinsfrage: Goethe tra Heidegger e Nishida [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
FISSPA Seminar of aesthetics   22 Mar 2018   
Feeling and Thinking in Nishida [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
Feelings and Emotions in Philosophy   17 Mar 2018   
On a newly arisen apocalyptic tone about Fukushima [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
3.11: Disaster and Trauma in Experience, Understanding, and Imagination   12 Mar 2018   
How was Non-Western Philosophy born? Tetsugaku [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
Course for the doctoral school   10 Oct 2017   
Platonism and Ghosts - in Nishida’s Early Concept of Time [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
15th International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies   31 Aug 2017   
How to translate "to translate"? - Some considerations on translation as transformative praxis [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
19 Jul 2017   
The Meaning of Kata in Japanese Culture [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
5 Jun 2017   
What does the “true self” sees?- Some considerations on Nishida’s Concept of the Self According to his Aesthetics [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
3 May 2017   
Sul tempo nelle prime opere di Kitarō Nishida [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
Altri spazi, altri tempi. Per un’estetica trascendentale in chiave interculturale   23 Mar 2017   
How could a monument for Fukushima be possible? [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
Knowledge and Arts on the Move: Transformation of the Self-aware Image through East-West Encounters   13 Feb 2017   
On the Aesthetics of Kitarō Nishida: Remarks on possible encounters between zen and contemporary aesthetics [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
Seminar of philosophy   14 Dec 2016   
Asian Philosophy seen from Western Philosophy - The example of the intercultural interpretation of Nishida in Italy [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
5 Nov 2016   
On the Ambiguity of Nishida’s Translation in Italian [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
International Conference of Japanese Philosophy   7 Oct 2016   
Bodily Creativity: On a Possibility for Art in the Time of Technology [Invited]
Enrico Fongaro
Hekksagon Conference   30 Sep 2016