EGUCHI Satoshi

EGUCHI Satoshi

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EGUCHI Satoshi
Kyoto Women's University
Faculty for the Study of Contemporary Society
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(19)    Dec 2016   [Refereed]
In this paper, I invite you to a philosophical analysis of "Sexual Consent". After briefly reviewing notorious "Rape Myths", I will show the world of so-called "Pick-Up Artists" in 2000's and the social concerns about their practice. Next I will i...
(4・5合併号)    2003
As we see, Kierkegaard was in the first generation of self-conscious and reflective mass media users and critics. In fact Kierkegaard's youth saw the rise of popular journalism, and people energetically discussed about freedom of press. Shortly la...
EGUCHI Satoshi
(21) 101-104   Jan 2019
Various forms of “sexual objectification” have long been criticized by feminist authors. This essay reconsiders the feminist conceptions of “sexual objectification” and argue that, (1) “objectification” is not always immoral, (2) not only men but ...


江口 聡
倫理学研究   (39) 169-178   2009

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EGUCHI Satoshi
The 13th of the International Society for Utilitarian Studies   21 Aug 2014