Emi Goto

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Emi Goto
The University of Tokyo
Network for Education and Research on Asia

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Linking Cloth/Clothing Globally: The Transformations of Use and Value, c .1700-2000
Emi Goto (Part:Joint Work, Miki Sugiura ed. 12. "Was it a Part of Westernization? Adoption of European-style Fashion Items by Local Women in 1930s Japan and Iran" pp. 258-271)
Hosei University Publishing   Mar 2019   
Transnational Popular Culture
Oct 2018   ISBN:4779513278

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Loose-Fitting Fashion and Evolving Concepts: Integrating the “Islamic Market” into the Japanese Market [Invited]
Emi Goto
Islam as a Way of Life: Circulation and Transformation of Islamic Normativity in Muslim and Non-Muslim World   6 Sep 2019   
Fighting Over Homes: The Story of a “Heretic” in Twentieth-Century Egypt
Emi Goto
Ito International Research Centre Symposium "Crossing Boundaries: Migration, Mediation, Morality"   9 Jun 2019   
Pioneers in Rereading the Sacred Text: Emerging New Intellectuals and Gender Questions
Emi Goto
All-Japan-Exeter Joint Workshop. Knowledge as Power: Production, Control, and Manipulation of Knowledge in Muslim Societies   28 Apr 2019   
Brand Making and the Cultural Agenda: How the Muslim Swimsuit Was Created
Emi Goto
Globalization of Sportswear: Brand Marketing, Technology and Cultural Agenda, c.1880-2010s   22 Feb 2019   
Translations of the Qur’an and Gender Justice: The Case of Izutsu Toshihiko’s Work in Japan
Emi Goto
5th World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies   18 Jul 2018