Emi Kondo

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Emi Kondo
Ariake National College of Technology
Department of Architecture

Published Papers

Effects of Outdoor Thermal Environment upon the Human Responses
Y.Kurazumi, E. Kondo, K. Fukagawa, Y.Yamato, K. Tobita, T. Tsuchikawa
Engineering   11 475-503   Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Skin Temperature and Body Surface Section in Non-Uniform and Asymmetric Outdoor Thermal Environment
Y. Kurazumi, K. Fukagawa, T. Sakoi, A. Aruninta, E. Kondo, K. Yamashita
Health   10(10) 1321-1341   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
A Study on the effect of visual stimuli on human thermal sensation – Targeting Water Landscape-
K. Fukagawa, Y. Kurazumi, Y. Yamato, K. Tobita, E. Kondo, R. Hashimoto, Y. Ohgi
Ecology, Environment and Conservation journal   23(s) S31-S36   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Seasonal differences of psychological and physiological responses in tropical urban climate
Y. Kurazumi, J. Ishii, K. Fukagawa, E. Kondo, A. Nyilas, A. Aruninta
Health   9(6) 896-920   Jun 2017   [Refereed]
The influence of foliage plants on psychological and physiological responses
Yoshihito Kurazumi, Emi Kondo, Kenta Fukagawa, Reiko Hashimoto, Agnes Nyilas, Tomonori Sakoi, Tadahiro Tsuchikawa
Health   9 601-621   Apr 2017   [Refereed]
Effect of Visual Stimuli of Indoor Floor Plants upon the Human Responses
Yoshihiro Kurazumi, Reiko Hashimoto, Agenes Nyilas, Ken Tamashita, Kenta Fukagawa, Emi Kondo, Yoshiaki Yamato, Kunihito Tobita, Tadahiro Tsuchikawa
Health   10(7) 928-948   Jul 2018   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Considerations concerning human body influence under hot environment ? A case of the climacteric aged female
E. Kondo, Y. Kurazumi, T. Horikoshi
The 19th International Congress of Biometeorology (ICB)   2011   
Influence of the combined environment of the landscape stimuli upon the human responses in outdoor spaces
Y. Kurazumi, N. matsubara, T. Tsuchikawa, E. Kondo, J. Ishii, K. Fukagawa, Y. Ando, Y. Yamato, K. Tobita, T. Horikoshi
The 19th International Congress of Biometeorology (ICB)   2011