Kai Hotaka

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Kai Hotaka
Suzuka National College of Technology
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Yamagichi Masahiro, Kai Hotaka, Nakagawa Gento, Hirai Nobumitsu
Japanese colleges of technology education journal   (37) 305-310   Mar 2014
Educational effects through the creative engineering class for 4th year students in the Department of Chemistry andBiochemistry, Suzuka National College of Technology, in 2012 have been investigated. We considered that the practiceprogram covering...
Ota Masahito, Kudo Keita, Omagari Ryo, Fukuoka Daizou, Imakuni Hironori, Kurotsuchi Toshihide, Nakamichi Takahiro, Funakoshi Kunio, Kai Hotaka, Ishibashi Yasuhiro
Journal of Environment and Safety   5(3) 183-190   2014
Recently, incineration ash has attracted attention as a cement material. However, the ash contains dioxins, heavy metals and chlorines. Therefore, this ash recycling needs an appropriate disposal method like preventing elution of heavy metals. As ...
Nakamichi Takahiro, Nakahsima Takuji, Kai Hotaka, Takemoto Naomichi, Matsuo Hideki, Kobayashi Jyun, Takahasi Yoko, Ohba Kazuhiro, Ishibashi Yasuhiro
Journal of Environment and Safety   3(1) 1_13-1_20   2012
   The methane fermentation method is often used to process organic waste such as animal manure and garbage. The method attracts much attention since it works as a technology for producing renewable energy form organic waste, which changes organic...
KAI Hotaka, ISHIBASHI Yasuhiro, SHIMASE Hisatoshi, KAMOHARA Shinichi, TAKEMASA Takehiro
Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan   4(3) 244-252   2008
Objective. Slime failure and outbreak of Legionella in air-conditioning circulation cooling water system are generally treated by chemicals. Authors developed clarification system for circulation cooling water - by electrolyzed effective water (e...

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Bioassay of metal ion by medaka larvae : considering from biotech ligand model
Kai Hotaka
22 Sep 2016