Isamu Kaneda

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Isamu Kaneda
Rakuno Gakuen University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2002
Mar 2003
Visiting fellow, School of Chemistry, Bristol University

Published Papers

Attempt of the quantitative evaluation of flow properties of agar microgel suspensions using a weak-gel model
Isamu Kaneda
J. Biorheology   32(1) 9-14   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Effect of sweetener on the solvent transport behaviour of mechanically-constrained agarose gels
Isamu Kaneda
Gels   4 23   2018   [Refereed]
Evaluation of the flow behavior of agar micro-gel suspensions using a cooperative flow theory
Isamu Kaneda
Food Science and Technology Integration for ASEAN Economic Community Sustainable Development   3 93-97   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Isamu Kaneda, Yui Sakurai
Food Hydrocolloids   61 148-154   2016   [Refereed]

Books etc

Rheology of Biological Soft Matter
Isamu Kaneda (Part:Editor, Chapter 11: Rheology control agents for cosmetics)
Springer   Nov 2016   ISBN:978-4-431-56078-4

Conference Activities & Talks

Rheology of agar micro-gel suspension for low fat food production
Isamu Kaneda
BIT's 7th Annual World Conference of Food and Nutrition 2018   13 Nov 2018   
Rheology of the low fat mayonnaise prepared using agar micro-gels
Isamu Kaneda
Euro-Global Conference on food science, agronomy and technology 2018   21 Sep 2018   
Rheology of the low fat mayonnaise containing agae micro-gels [Invited]
Isamu Kaneda
1st International conference on 4D materials and systems   28 Aug 2018   
Rheology and function of foods with extremely complicated nano-structure [Invited]
Isamu Kaneda
HUNS2 Symposium   20 Jul 2018   
Evaluation of the flow behavior of agar micro-gel suspensions using a cooperative flow theory
Isamu Kaneda
15th ASEAN FOOD CONFERENCE – VIETNAM 2017   15 Nov 2017   
The effect of sugar and glycerol on the solvent transportation behavior of mechanically constrained agarose gels
Isamu Kaneda
IUMRS - ICAM 2017   31 Aug 2017   
佐藤かな子, 金田勇
レオロジー討論会講演要旨集   28 Oct 2016   
金田勇, 桜井由衣, 森田真澄
レオロジー討論会講演要旨集   28 Oct 2016   
小林祥子, 金田勇
レオロジー討論会講演要旨集   28 Oct 2016   
金田 勇, 桜井 由衣
日本バイオレオロジー学会誌(B&R)   Jun 2016