Fujimoto Noritsguu

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Fujimoto Noritsguu
Toyo University
Faculty of Regional Development Studies Department of Regional Development Studies

Research Areas

  • Economics / Economic policy / urban system, economic geography, risk reduction

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2017
Visiting Professor, FURE, Fukushima University
Apr 2017
Professor, International Studies, Toyo University
Apr 2016
Mar 2017
Professor, Faculty of Regional Development Studies, Toyo University
Oct 2015
Mar 2016
Visiting Associate Professor, British Columbia
Associate Professor, SSS, Fukushima University

Awards & Honors

Dec 2011
The Change of Hierarchy of Urban System : Analysis of Office Location Restructuring in Japan (2000-2010), Best Paper Award, Asian Conference of Management Science & Applications

Published Papers

The change of the City Index Rank of Tokyo in the Global Urban System : From the Perspective of Financial Functions
Fujimoto Noritsguu
Economic Geographers   63(4) 18-28   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Government’s Budget Constraint on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Substitution Ratio of Decontamination to Evacuation in Japan
Fujimoto Noritsguu
Disaster Advances   8(9) 26-33   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Meishan Piao, Fujimoto Noritsgu, Chengnan Yan
Innovation and Supply Chain Management   9(1) 1-9   Jun 2015   [Refereed]
Fujimoto Noritsguu
Innovation and Supply Chain Management   8(1) 8-14   Mar 2015   [Refereed]
Decontamination-oriented Reconstruction Policy in Fukushima Post 3.11: Real versus Administrative Boundaries
Fujimoto Noritsguu
Disaster Advances   8(1) 53-58   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
Policy Implications for Music Cities in Japan
Fujimoto Noritsguu
Urban Policy Studies   5 41-54   Jan 2012   [Refereed]


藤本 典嗣
計画行政 = Planning and public management   38(2) 3-8   May 2015
PIAO Meishan, YAN Chengnan, FUJIMOTO Noritsugu
iscm   9(1) 1-9   2015
The aim of this study is to provide insight into the recent industrial agglomeration in Chinas border areas. As a first step towards more a comprehensive and extensive study on the interaction between industrial agglomeration and local economic de...
FUJIMOTO Noritsugu
iscm   8(1) 8-14   2014
The aim of this study was to quantitatively capture changes in the hierarchical structure of head and branch office location from the viewpoint of the national urban system in Japan from 2000 to 2010. The data was extracted from the"Handbook of Or...
朴 美善, 藤本 典嗣
福島大学地域創造   25(1) 7477-7487   Sep 2013

Books etc

Reconstruction for Environment
Fujimoto Noritsguu (Part:Contributor)
Hassakusha   May 2018   ISBN:9784860140908
Fukushima Fukkou Gaku
Fujimoto Noritsguu (Part:Contributor)
Hassakusha   Feb 2018   ISBN:978-4-86014-088-5
Urban Geography
Fujimoto Noritsguu
May 2017   ISBN:978-4502227417
Unravelling the Fukushima Disaster(Edited by M.Yamakawa and D. Yamamto, Routledge Studies in Hazards, Disaster Risk and Climate Change)
Fujimoto Noritsguu (Part:Contributor, Decontamination-Intensive Reconstruction Policy in Fukushima Under Governmental Budget Constraint(Chapter 3))
Routledge   Jan 2017   ISBN:978-1138193819
The Fukushima disaster continues to appear in national newspapers when there is another leakage of radiation-contaminated water, evacuation designations are changed, or major compensation issues arise and so remains far from over. However, after f...
The Haiti earthquake and macro balance
Fujimoto Noritsguu (Part:Contributor)
May 2014   

Conference Activities & Talks

Regional economic boom after the nuclear disaster: Political economy, governance and reconstruction policy in Fukushima
Fujimoto Noritsguu
AAG 2017 All Things Nuclear   7 Apr 2017   

Teaching Experience