UBUKATA Fumikazu

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UBUKATA Fumikazu

Research Areas


Published Papers

Development Process of the Community-based Tourism: From Two Case Studies in Central Vietnam
Tan, N. Q., Ubukata, F. and Dinh, N. C.
Vietnam-Japan Science and Technology Symposium (VJST2019)   124-128   2019   [Refereed]
Ho, T. T. and Ubukata, F.
Journal of Environmental Science for Sustainable Society   8 1-14   2018   [Refereed]
本田 恭子, 金 枓哲, 生方 史数
地域地理研究 = Journal of systematic regional geography   23(2) 10-15   Dec 2017
Negotiating the State-making in Vietnam borderland – Case study of an ethnic minority group in Central Vietnam
Trinh M. A. N.; Kim, D-C.; and Ubukata, F.
Belgeo   2016(4) 1-25   2017   [Refereed]
駄田 井久, 二階堂 裕子, 生方 史数, Quy Le Ngoc Phuong, 金 枓哲
農業経営研究 = Japanese journal of farm management   54(3) 109-114   Oct 2016


Research Work in Sarawak and Study on Oil Palm Business
UBUKATA Fumikazu
Equatorial Biomass Society   5 6-10   2012
Diversified Process of Collective Action: the Cases of Communal Forest Management in Northeast Thailand
UBUKATA Fumikazu
   Dec 2006
The Farm Forest Expansion in Northeast Thailand: Policy, Market, and Socioeconomic Change
UBUKATA Fumikazu
   Dec 1999

Books etc

Anthropogenic Tropical Forests: Human-Nature Interfaces on the Plantation Frontier
Ubukata, F. and Sadamichi, Y. (Part:Contributor, Estate and Smallholding Oil Palm Production in Sarawak: A Comparison of Profitability and Greenhouse Gas Emissions)
Springer   Dec 2019   ISBN:9789811375118
Social Movements Contesting Natural Resource Development
Ubukata, F. and Hoang, T. Q. (Part:Contributor, Local struggles for the coproduction of natural capital: Payment for forest environmental services in central Vietnam)
Routledge   Nov 2019   ISBN:9781138064737
To See Once More Stars –Living in the Post-Fukushima World
UBUKATA Fumikazu (Part:Contributor, “Ghost Town”, “不毛の土地、無人の街”)
The New Pacific Press   2014   
Forest Policies for a Sustainable Humanosphere
UBUKATA Fumikazu (Part:Contributor, Science in Policy Making: the Eucalyptus Debate and Villagers in Thailand)
Getting Villagers Involved in the System: The Politics, Economics and Ecology of Production Relations in the Thai Pulp Industry
UBUKATA Fumikazu
Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University   2009   
生方 史数
[Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University]   2008   

Conference Activities & Talks

Upland socioeconomic transitions and payment for forest environmental services: Cases of two Cotu villages, central Vietnam
Ubukata, F. and Hoang, T. Q.
The 14th Japan-Korea-China Joint Conference on Geography   20 Oct 2019   
Long-term Improvement in precautions for flood risk mitigation: A case study in the low-lying area, central Vietnam
Dinh, N. C., Ubukata, F. And Tan, N. Q.
The 14th Japan-Korea-China Joint Conference on Geography   19 Oct 2019   
The Contested Meanings over Natural Capital: Cases from the Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) in Central Vietnam
Ubukata, F. and Hoang, T. Q.
ICAS 10   Jul 2017   
State Authorization over the Value of Nature: Policy Process of Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) in Central Vietnam
Ubukata, F. and Hoang, T. Q.
The 25th Colloquium of IGU-CSRS   Apr 2017   
Reclamation and Utilization of Natural Resources by Immigrants Through an Interaction with the Local Government – A Case Study of Mangrove-shrimp Farming Area in Ca Mau Province, Vietnam
Watanabe, H., Nguyen, T. P. Chau, Ubukata, F. And Kim, D-C.
The 25th Colloquium of IGU-CSRS   Apr 2017   
Local Struggles for the Co-production of Natural Capital: Cases from the Payment for Forest Environmental Services in Central Vietnam
Ubukata, F. and Hoang, T. Q.
IRSA Congress 2016   Aug 2016   
Peasants and Agribusiness in the Middle-income Trap: the Case of “Safe and Traceable” Asparagus Production in Thailand
Ubukata, F., Datai, H and Kim, D-C.
The 33rd International Geographical Congress   Aug 2016   
Ubukata Fumikazu, Watanabe Kazuo, Sato Takahiro, Kimura Shuhei
Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers   2016   
環境問題のような自然と社会の接合領域を扱う際に、自然科学者と人文社会系学者の協働が必要とされることがある。文理融合型の学際共同研究はその典型であり、これまで日本でも様々な研究が行われてきた。 にもかかわらず、このような学際共同研究において行われた交流を具体的に検証した研究は少ない。よって本研究では、あるG-COEプログラムを事例に、文理の枠を超えた様々な専門分野からなる研究者の交流を、その阻害要因に着目して検証した。<br>研究対象としては、京都大学東南アジア研究所を主幹として2007-1...
駄田井久, 二階堂裕子, 生方史数, QUY Le Ngoc Phuong, 金科哲
日本農業経営学会研究大会報告要旨   10 Sep 2015   
茅野瑛介, 西村悠史, 前田守弘, NGUYEN Van Huy, 生方史数, 駄田井久, 本田恭子, 守田秀則, 金とう哲
日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集   11 Sep 2013