Furukawa Kiyoshi

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Furukawa Kiyoshi
Tokyo University of the Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts Intermedia Art Course
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Published Papers

A Tentative Assumption of The Electroacoustic Music As An Enjoyable Music for Diverse People
Shibayama, T., Ohmura, H., Takahashi, T., Furukawa, K.
Proceedings of 14th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology   (20) 139-152   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Music evokes vicarious emotions in listeners
Kawakami, A., Furukawa, K., Okanoya, K.
Frontiers in Psychology   5(431) 1-7   2014   [Refereed]
Sad music induces pleasant emotion
Kawakami, A., Furukawa, K., Katahira, K., Okanoya, K.
Frontiers in Psychology   4(311) 1-15   2013   [Refereed]
The pleasant emotion of sad music
Kawakami, A., Furukawa, K., Okanoya, K.
the 3rd International Conference on Music and Emotion      2013   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

“MUCCA”: an Integrated Educational Platform for Generative Artwork and Collaborative Workshops [Invited]
T. Hamano, T. Kawamura, R. Nakagawa and K Furukawa
International Computer Music Conference   Sep 2016   
Creating a place as a medium for musical communication using multiple electroencephalography
Furukawa Kiyoshi
Sep 2014   
Reinforcement Learning Models for Acquiring Emotional Musical Modes
T. Tanaka, H. Ohmura, and, K. Furukawa
Jul 2013   
The pleasant emotion of sad music
Kawakami A, Furukawa K, Okanoya K
Jun 2013   
『International Conference on Music and Emotion (ICME3)』, Jyvaskyla, Finland, (June 2013).
Modeling of Melodic Rhythm Based on Entropy toward Creating Expectation and Emotion
H. Ohmura, T. Shibayama, T, Shibuya, T, Takahashi, K. Okanoya, and, K. Furukawa
Sound and Music Computing 2013 (SMC)   2013   
Proceeding of Sound and Music Computing 2013 (SMC), pp.69-73, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013, Jul.


it’s almost a song…’ an audio-visual installation for using three EEG systems and Clarinet
K. Furukawa, T. Hamano, H. Ohmura, R. Nakagawa, R. Hoshi-Shiba, and H. Terasawa   Artistic Activity   Sep 2014 - Sep 2014
40th International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) and 11th Sound and Music Computing (SMC), Athens, Greece
Music performance with ‘imagery instrument’ by real-time categorization of brain activities
K.Furukawa, T. M. Rutkowski, T. Hamano, H. Ohmura, R. Hoshi-Shiba, H. Terasawa, and, K. Okanoya   Artistic Activity   Nov 2011
2nd International Conference of Music and Emotion (ICME), pp.45-46, Perth, Australia, 2011, Dec