Takuya Furuta

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Takuya Furuta
Hiroshima University
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Research Areas

  • Politics / Politics / History of Political Thought

Published Papers

Journal of Political Ideologies   20(3) 284-303   Nov 2015   [Refereed]
In his famous A History of Western Philosophy (1945), Bertrand Russell suggested that Japan before the Second World War was a true Filmerian state. This diagnosis had a real impact on Japanese scholars, including Maruyama Masao, who identified Fil...
古田 拓也
政治思想研究   (13) 307-337   May 2013   [Refereed]
Takuya Furuta
(18) 163-87   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Robert Filmer is traditionally portrayed as a man who held that his contemporary English king has the absolute power and the primogenitary right of Adam by bloodline. However, this view depends on a misunderstanding of the nature and role of Filme...
古田 拓也
法学政治学論究 : 法律・政治・社会   (92) 331-363   2012
一 はじめに二 家父長論 (一) 王と父 (二) 「アダムの権利」の相続と王権神授説三 「アダムの権利」の特質 (一) フィルマーの主権論 (二) フィルマーとボダン四 結論

Conference Activities & Talks

What's wrong with neo-Roman liberty
Takuya Furuta
27 May 2018   
A Fate of Robert Filmer in Japan: A History of a Straw Man
Takuya Furuta
Keio-Yonsei Joint Workshop   Nov 2014   
Why Did Filmer not publish Patriarcha
Takuya Furuta
Keio GCOE-CGCS the 5th International Symposium   Feb 2013   
On Perpetuity: From Jean Bodin to John Locke
Takuya Furuta
Keio GCOE-CGCS the 4th International Symposium   Feb 2012