HARAYAMA, Takahisa

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HARAYAMA, Takahisa
Waseda University
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering
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Published Papers

Kawashima, Yuta; Shinohara, Susumu; Sunada, Satoshi; Harayama, Takahisa
Photonics Research   5(6) B47-B53   Dec 2017
© 2017 Chinese Laser Press. We numerically performed wave dynamical simulations based on the Maxwell–Bloch (MB) model for a quadrupole-deformed microcavity laser with spatially selective pumping. We demonstrate the appearance of an asymmetric lasi...
Harayama, Takahisa; Sunada, Satoshi; Shinohara, Susumu
Photonics Research   5(6) B39-B46   Dec 2017
© 2017 Chinese Laser Press. For a fully chaotic two-dimensional (2D) microcavity laser, we present a theory that guarantees both the existence of a stable single-mode lasing state and the nonexistence of a stable multimode lasing state, under the ...
Bosco, Andreas Karsaklian Dal; Sato, Naoki; Terashima, Yuta; Ohara, Shoma; Uchida, Atsushi; Harayama, Takahisa; Inubushi, Masanobu
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics   23(6)    Nov 2017
© 2017 IEEE. We propose a method to generate physical random numbers based on intermittent optical chaos. Intermittent chaotic output is produced in a semiconductor laser subjected to optical feedback embedded in a photonic integrated circuit. Thi...
Ohara, Shoma; Dal Bosco, Andreas Karsaklian; Dal Bosco, Andreas Karsaklian; Ugajin, Kazusa; Uchida, Atsushi; Harayama, Takahisa; Inubushi, Masanobu
Physical Review E   96(3)    Sep 2017
© 2017 American Physical Society. Synchronization properties of chaotic dynamics in two mutually coupled semiconductor lasers with optical feedback embedded in a photonic integrated circuit are investigated from the point of view of their dynamica...
Bosco, Andreas Karsaklian Dal; Ohara, Shoma; Sato, Naoki; Akizawa, Yasuhiro; Uchida, Atsushi; Harayama, Takahisa; Inubushi, Masanobu
IEEE Photonics Journal   9(2)    Apr 2017
© 2009-2012 IEEE. We report a comprehensive experimental investigation of the nonlinear dynamics yielded in five photonic integrated circuits, each consisting of a semiconductor laser with optical feedback from a short external cavity. The externa...

Research Grants & Projects

Characteristics of weak chaos in view of large deviation analysis and infinite ergodicity
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2016
There still remain many unsolved problems in the nonstationary regime of chaotic or turbulent phenomena; for instance, anomalous diffusion in hamiltonian systems, intermittency, and infinite ergodicity, et cetera. In this research, we studied seve...
Ergodic and Kinetic Properties of Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems
In order to elucidate the universal laws of Hamiltonian dynamical systems, we studied ergodic and kinetic properties of trajectories generated by complex phase space structures. For various Hamiltonian systems, phase space phenomena such as breaku...
The origin of 1/f spectrum fluctuation in the hamiltonian dynamics for lattice systems.
The classical and quantum mechanical aspects of hamiltonian chaos have been studied in relation to the 1/f spectral fluctuations in the long time behaviors. The recent results are the followings :1.The spectral structure of the most stable KAM tor...