Go Fukushima

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Go Fukushima
The International University of Kagoshima
Faculty of Welfare Society

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Published Papers

A study of a Worthwhile Exploitation for Nursery school teachers - A New Problem due to improve Low wages -
Go Fukushima
(8) 93-98   Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Investigation of intrtoduction Realistic Job Preview(RJP) into nursery school - The study based on interviews from student in early childhood education, childcare workers, and job loser immediately in nursery school -
Go Fukushima
(5) 155-164   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
A study of Usability SNS and Notebook Based on Subjective Thoughts of Students in Early Childhood Education Training Course. -Possibility of ICT Usage in Preschool with Disabilities' Support-
Go Fukushima
(31) 21-25   Mar 2015
A historical survey about the relation between eraly childhood education and school education: Reconsider a childcare principle from Course of study for Kindergarten
Go Fukushima
(31) 11-20   Mar 2015
The Practical Side of School-based Health Centers in the United States : A Case Study in Alameda County, California
Go Fukushima
33(4) 35-49   Mar 2015