Greg de St. Maurice

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Greg de St. Maurice
Keio University
Faculty of Business and Commerce

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Tenured Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University
Aug 2018
Mar 2019
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Human Life Science, Osaka City University
Jul 2018
Aug 2018
Academic Director and Instructor, Gustolab International Osaka
Jul 2017
Jun 2018
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Culinaria Research Center, University of Toronto
Jun 2017
May 2018
Air Liquide Research Fellow, Fondation France-Japon, EHESS


Sep 2009
Aug 2015
Cultural Anthropology, Ph.D, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh
Sep 2008
Sep 2009
Social Anthropology, M.Sc., Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford
Sep 2005
May 2008
Comparative and Regional Studies, M.A., School of International Service, American University
Jan 2007
Apr 2008
Global Governance Program, Graduate School of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University
Sep 1996
May 2000
B.A., English, Colby College

Research Areas


Published Papers

Sensing Bodies at the Center in Traditional Japanese Kitchens
Greg de St. Maurice
Japanese Studies   38(1) 1-20   May 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Everything but the Taste: Celebrating Kyoto's Shishigatani Squash as Culinary Heritage
Greg de St. Maurice
Food, Culture, and Society   20(2) 281-301   Apr 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Kyoto Cuisine Gone Global
Greg de St. Maurice
Gastronomica   17(3) 36-48   2017   [Refereed][Invited]
A Study of Japanese Expressions Describing Food in the Gastronomic Comic 'Oishinbo'
Akiko Matsuo, Greg de St. Maurice, Motoko Matsui, Kimiko Ohtani
Journal of the Asian Regional Association for Home Economics   20(2)    Jun 2013   [Refereed]
"The Real of the Real" : Kyoto Vegetables and Articulations of Authenticity
Greg de St. Maurice
Digest      2012   [Refereed]

Books etc

Making Taste Public: Ethnographies of Food and the Senses
Carole Counihan and Susanne Høljund, Eds. (Part:Contributor, Chapter: Making the Multi-Dimensional Taste of Japanese Cuisine Public)
Bloomsbury   2018   
Devouring Japan: Global Perspectives on Japanese Culinary Identity
Nancy Stalker, Ed. (Part:Contributor, Chapter: Savoring the Kyoto Brand)
Oxford University Press   Apr 2017   
Rural Livelihoods, Regional Economies, and Processes of Change
Deborah Sick, Ed. (Part:Contributor, Chapter: A Place that Found its Brand: Kyoto's Agricultural Economy in the 21st Century)
Routledge   2014   
Edible Identities: Exploring Food and Foodways as Cultural Heritage
Ronda Brulotte and Michael DiGiovine, Eds. (Part:Contributor, Chapter: Edible Authenticities: Heirloom Vegetables and Culinary Heritage in Kyoto, Japan)
Ashgate   2014   
Food Activism: Agency, Democracy, and Economy
Carole Counihan and Valeria Siniscalchi, Eds. (Part:Contributor, Chapter: The Movement to Reinvigorate Local Food Culture in Kyoto, Japan)
Bloomsbury   2013   

Conference Activities & Talks

Discourses and Practices of Japaneseness: Japanese Cuisine inside and outside of Japan [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
Haute Cuisine, a Tension between Discourse and Practice (Tokyo University)   1 Oct 2018   
Japan’s “1975 Diet” in Historical and Anthropological Perspective
Greg de St. Maurice
Association for the Study of Food and Society annual meeting   13 Jun 2018   
Authenticating ‘Japanese’ Cuisine in a Global Foodscape: The Japanese Culinary Academy [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
What Makes Japanese Cuisine Japanese? (Pomona College)   5 Apr 2018   
An Ethical and Multisensory Notion of Taste: A Case Study of Japanese Cuisine [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
Circus of the Senses: A Symposium on Food and the Humanities (Culinary Institute of America)   19 Mar 2018   
Producing Japanese Cuisine outside of Japan: Racial and Spatial Dynamics
Greg de St. Maurice
Living Food: Foodways, Heritage, Health, and the Environment   21 Feb 2018   
Tea-rroir? Green Tea and the Taste of Place in Japan [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
Tea and Buddhism: A Workshop Series (University of Toronto)   10 Dec 2017   
Fit: Shaping Bodies and Adapting Professional Kitchens in Contemporary Japan
Greg de St. Maurice
American Anthropological Association annual meeting   18 Nov 2017   
Securing a More Certain Future for Traditional Japanese Cuisine
Greg de St. Maurice
Annual meeting of the Japanese Studies Association of Canada   14 Oct 2017   
和食における甘さ:外国人の観点から [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
甘さの世界 (味の素食の文化センター)   5 Aug 2017   
Traditional Flavors for New Audiences: The Japanese Culinary Academy's Mission to Promote Authentic Japanese Cuisine
Greg de St. Maurice
Association for the Study of Food and Society Annual Meeting   16 Jun 2017   
Roundtable discussion [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
International Washoku Forum   17 Apr 2017   
Kyoto Cuisine and Globalization: Connections and Strategic Incorporations
Greg de St. Maurice
Scales of Alimentation between Europe and Asia: Connections, Syncretism, Fusions   22 Feb 2017   
Transmitting Taste across Borders and Generations: Kyoto Chefs and the Japanese Culinary Academy [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
Latvian Association of Anthropologists   20 Feb 2017   
Roundtable discussion [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
Global Shojin   14 Sep 2016   
The Japanese Culinary Laboratory: Where Traditional Chefs Meet Science
Greg de St. Maurice
Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association   19 Nov 2015   
“Another Kyoto” : Diversity and Representations of Contemporary Kyoto Prefecture’s Food Culture
Greg de St. Maurice
Food, Feeding, and Eating in and out of Asia   24 Jun 2015   
Continuity and Change: Kyoto Chefs Engage with Science [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
Asian Congress of Nutrition   May 2015   
Everything but the Taste: Celebrating Kyoto’s Shishigatani Squash as Culinary Heritage
Greg de St. Maurice
Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association   4 Dec 2014   
Devouring Kyoto: Heirloom Vegetables, Green Tea, and Kaiseki Cuisine
Greg de St. Maurice
Devouring Japan   21 Feb 2014   
京料理らしさーー文化人類学てきな観点から [Invited]
Greg de St. Maurice
日本料理アカデミー日本料理ラボラトリー報告会   12 Mar 2013   

Teaching Experience


Research Grants & Projects

J. William Fulbright grant
Institute for International Education: 
Project Year: Jan 2012 - Aug 2013    Investigator(s): Greg de St. Maurice
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology scholarship
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: 
Project Year: 2007 - 2008    Investigator(s): Greg de St. Maurice