Tomoya Hashimoto

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Tomoya Hashimoto
Shitennoji University
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Tomoya Hashimoto
IIAI International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics 2017   177-180   Jul 2017   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

What sort of personnel are shouldering the responsibility of IR in Japan?
Hashimoto, T., & Shiroishi, T.
2018 AIR Forum   30 May 2018   
Feasible ways to benchmark with inadequate database systems
Tomoya Hashimoto, Tetsuya Shiroishi
2017 AIR Forum   6 Jun 2017   
Data-driven approach to dropout prevention in Japan
Tomoya Hashimoto
2 Jun 2016   
Bridging faculty members' expectations and students' actual studying hours
Tomoya Hashimoto
2015 AIR Forum   27 May 2015   
Canonical word order in Japanese infant-directed speech
Laurel Fais, Tomoya Hashimoto, Nozomi Kido, Shigeaki Amano, Janet Werker
XVIth International Conference on Infant Studies   27 Mar 2008