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HIDA Takenori, NAGANO Masayuki, TANUMA Takehiko, KANEKO Tomonobu
Aij Journal of TECHNOLOGY and Design   20(45) 521-526   2014
This study investigates the impossibility ratio of evacuation in super high-rise residential buildings during an earthquake. Shaking table tests using the strong motion records observed in super high-rise residential buildings during the 2011 off ...
SATO Toshiaki, HIDA Takenori, KATO Jun, IGUCHI Michio, MASAKI Yuichi, NAGANO Masayuki
Aij Journal of TECHNOLOGY and Design   20(45) 539-544   2014
This paper describes a seismic performance of two types of passive control systems for wooden houses. These performances are evaluated by shaking table tests. The test results show that the passive control systems can be restrained an initial perf...
NOGI Yoshihiro, NAGANO Masayuki, HIDA Takenori, YASUI Mitoshi, YAMAMOTO Takeshi, TANUMA Takehiko
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   2013(0) 283-284   Aug 2013
HINOURA Yutaka, NAGANO Masayuki, SUZUKI Kento, HIDA Takenori, KITAHORI Takashi, TANUMA Takehiko, ODA Satoshi
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)   (749) 963-973   Jul 2018
 A large number of super high-rise residential buildings have been constructed in Japan and quick damage evaluation is required after the future massive earthquake predicted in urbanized cities. In order to evaluate the general overview of no...
KOBAYASHI Hikaru, MIDORIKAWA Saburoh, MIURA Hiroyuki, NAGANO Masayuki, HIDA Takenori, MASATSUKI Toshiyuki
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   2013(0) 289-290   Aug 2013