Ito Hideaki

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Ito Hideaki
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Areas


Published Papers

What is Important in Receptive Activities of CEFR?: An Analysis of Visual Receptive Activities for Different Levels
Ito Hideaki
Journal of Japanese Language Teaching   (173) 69-76   Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Reconsidering Can-Do Descriptors for Orthoepic Competence with a Focus on the CEFR's“Basic Language User"
Ito Hideaki
The Journal of the JASBEL   (3) 72-86   Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Transitive-Intransitive Verb Pairs in Terms of Usage: Using the "Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese"
Ito Hideaki
Studies in Japanese Language and Japanese Language Teaching   (9) 103-118   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Journal of Japanese language teaching. Nihongo kyoiku ronshu   (33) 141-149   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Devising Tentative Descriptors of Orthoepic Competence for Extension and Refinement: With Reference to CEFR/JFS Linguistic Competence
伊藤, 秀明
Journal of Japanese Language Teaching   (168) 55-62   Dec 2017   [Refereed]


ICT & Education: What's the Right Thing to Do?
伊藤, 秀明;熊野, 七絵;蟻末, 淳;山田, 智久;今井, 新悟
Venezia 2018 ICJLE BOOK OF ABSTRACTS   151-159   Aug 2018
工藤嘉名子;伊藤, 秀明;藤平愛美;藤村知子
2018年度日本語教育学会春季大会予稿集   30-39   Apr 2018
日本語教育における「読む」教育への一提案 −動機づけとepistemological diversityの観点から−
Ito, Hideaki
文化の対話と翻訳・翻案 論文集   231-238   Mar 2018
伊藤, 秀明;関崎, 博紀;ヴァンバーレン, ルート;許, 明子;小野, 正樹;木戸, 光子;酒井, たか子;加納, 千惠子
Japanese Language Education Methods   24(1) 76-77   Sep 2017
The Center for Distance Learning of Japanese and Japanese Issues of the Center for Education of Global Communication at the University of Tsukuba has already developed a Japanese study site, web tests, a web corpus and an analysis system for learn...
ブッシュネル, ケード;関崎, 博紀;永井絢子;伊藤, 秀明;ヴァンバーレン, ルート;許, 明子;小野, 正樹;今井, 新悟;木戸, 光子;酒井, たか子;加納, 千恵子
第10回 日本語実用言語学国際会議 予稿集   150-153   Jul 2017

Conference Activities & Talks

Current issues and challenges in the implementation of CEFR in teaching Japanese
Ito Hideaki
The 2nd Scientific-practical teacher training seminar for Japanese teachers Tashkent   15 Mar 2019   
Investigation of Orthoepic Competence Assessment in Japanese Language Education
Ito, Hideaki
INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM "TSUKUBA DAY IN PULA"   17 Sep 2018   Faculty of Humanities, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula
基礎教育保障学会 第3回研究大会   2 Sep 2018   
ICT & Education: What's the Right Thing to Do?
伊藤, 秀明;熊野, 七絵;蟻末, 淳;山田, 智久;今井, 新悟
The 2018 International Conference on Japanese Language Education - Venezia (Venezia 2018 ICJLE)   3 Aug 2018   ヨーロッパ日本語教師会(AJE)
工藤嘉名子;伊藤, 秀明;藤平愛美;藤村知子
2018年度日本語教育学会春季大会   26 May 2018   


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伊藤秀明;石井容子;前田純子;新井潤;宮崎玲子;川﨑貴恵   Web Service   Jul 2017
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