Hikaru Yamamoto

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Hikaru Yamamoto
Keio University
Graduate School of Business Administration


Hikaru Yamamoto is Associate Professor at Keio Business School. Prior to this, she was a Research Associate at the Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo and Associate Professor of the Faculty of Economics, Seikei University. She received Ph.D. (2008) and MA (2001) degrees in Economics from The University of Tokyo and a BA in Politics (1996) from Keio University. Her research specifically examines internet marketing, especially personal influence and word-of-mouth. She has been active in international conferences in the field of marketing and information technology, and has received awards from Japan Institute of Marketing Science and Japan Association of Consumer Studies. She has work experience as an Assistant Account Executive at Leo Burnett-Kyodo and she currently serves as marketing and business strategy consultant for various firms including a major advertising agency, a mobile service provider, an internet service provider, a theme park, and a fast food chain.

Research Areas

  • Business administration / Commerce / Marketing

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2014
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University
Apr 2008
Mar 2014
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Seikei University
Apr 2005
Mar 2008
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics
Apr 2004
Mar 2005
Research Associate, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

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Hikaru Yamamoto
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Matsumura, Naohiro, Yamamoto, Hikaru, and Tomozawa, Daisuke
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Yamamoto Hikaru
Advances in Consumer Studies   12(1) 23-36,89   2006
The emergence of the internet has great impacts on the consumer behavior. Among many impacts, the acceleration of consumer-toconsumer (C2C) interaction on the online community is one of the most significant. To gain insights into how a firm can in...


Yamamoto, Hikaru, Sugiyama, Nina, Toriumi, Fujio, Kashida, Hikaru and Yamaguchi, Takuma
SSRN      Apr 2018
Social media
Hikaru Yamamoto
Hitotsubashi Business Review   60(1) 90-91   Jun 2012   [Invited]

Books etc

Social Media and Marketing
Hikaru Yamamoto (Part:Contributor)
Jul 2017   
"Measuring Brand Community Strength" in Daniel, B.K. ed. Handbook of Research on Methods and Techniques for Studying Virtual Communities: Paradigms and Phenomena
Yamamoto, Hikaru and Matsuo, Yutaka
Information Science Publishing   Feb 2011   ISBN:1609600401

Conference Activities & Talks

Where And Why Do You Search Online? Empirical Analysis On Online Search Intent
Yamamoto, Hikaru, Kakihara, Masao
2019 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference   20 Jun 2019   
Proactive or Reactive? Platform Governance Strategy in C2C Marketplace
Yamamoto, Hikaru, Ohshima, Hiroumi
PACIS 2017   17 Jul 2017   
Brand Growth And Advertising: Latent Growth Curve Modeling Approach
Yamamoto, Hikaru
2017 Marketing Science Conference   7 Jun 2017   
Understanding Online C2C Marketplaces in Japan [Invited]
Yamamoto, Hikaru
SCP-JACS Collaborative Conference   19 May 2017   
Examining the social values of loyal customers
2016 Marketing Science Conference   17 Jun 2016   
Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Referral Value, and Customer In-fluencer Value of Users in Mobile Social Networking Site
hikaru   12 Dec 2015   
Measuring the Value of Customer Engagement in Mobile Social Networking Services
Yamamoto, Hikaru, Matsumura, Naohiro
2015 Marketing Science Conference   19 Jun 2015   
Keyperson marketing [Invited]
Hikaru Yamamoto
28 Oct 2014   
Measuring the Value of Customer in Mobile Social Networking Service
Yamamoto, Hikaru and Matsumura, Naohiro
2010 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference   Jun 2010   
Optimal Heterophily and the Impact of Word-of-mouth
Yamamoto, Hikaru, Nishida, Satoshi, Morioka, Shinji, and Yamakawa, Shigetaka
INFORMS Marketing Science Conference 2008   Jun 2008   
An Empirical Analysis of Diffusion through Trust Network
Yamamoto, Hikaru and Yutaka Matsuo
INFORMS Marketing Science Conference 2007   Jun 2007