Hiraoka Marino

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Hiraoka Marino
Public Works Research Institute
Tsukuba Central Research Institute
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Ph.D.(University of Tsukuba)
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Published Papers

Miyata, Shusuke;Gomi, Takashi;Sidle, Roy C.;Hiraoka, Marino;Onda, Yuichi;Yamamoto, Kazukiyo;Nonoda, Toshiro
Science of the Total Environment   669 148-159   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Hiraoka,Marino;Gomi,Takashi;Bui,Dung Xuan;Tsujimura,Maki;Onda,Yuichi
The Japanese Forest Society Congress   129 372   May 2018
<p>[in Japanese]</p>
浅野友子;内田太郎;五味高志;水垣 滋;平岡, 真合乃;勝山正則;丹羽 諭;横尾善之
Journal of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources   31(4) 219-231   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
<p> Examining the patterns of spatial variability of runoff and sediment transport is necessary for understanding hydrologic and geomorphic processes in watersheds. Knowledge of water and sediment transport behaviors in various catchment areas can...
浅野友子;内田太郎;勝山正則;平岡, 真合乃;水垣 滋;五味高志;丹羽 諭;横尾善之
Journal of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources   31(4) 232-244   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
<p> Findings for spatial patterns of runoff and sediment transport at selected observation sites were summarized to elucidate processes controlling scale dependence and spatial heterogeneity of their catchment areas. We selected Fudoji and Kiryu w...
横尾善之;丹羽 諭;内田太郎;平岡, 真合乃;勝山正則;五味高志;水垣 滋;浅野友子
Journal of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources   31(4) 245-261   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
<p> We reviewed the treatment of spatial scales in numerical models of runoff and sediment transport to elucidate current problems and to identify avenues for future research. We specifically examined the following questions: (1) Which spatial sca...

Books etc

平岡, 真合乃;恩田裕一 (Part:Contributor, 人工林管理においてなぜ下層植生が必要か)
Oct 2008   ISBN:9784000054638

Conference Activities & Talks

The role of fine roots on flow paths of surface soils on dense bamboo hillslopes
Hiraoka, Marino;Shinohara, Yoshinori;Masaoka, Naoya;Fukushima, Keitaro;Gomi, Takashi
AGU Fall Meeting 2018   10 Dec 2018   American Geophysical Union
平岡, 真合乃;五味高志;Roy, C. Sidle;堀田紀文;内山佳美
日本地形学連合2018年秋季大会   23 Nov 2018   
平岡, 真合乃;福島慶太郎;水垣 滋;境 優;五味高志
平成30年度砂防学会研究発表会   16 May 2018   公益社団法人砂防学会
Hillslope-channel sediment production in a headwater catchment of Tanzawa Mountain
Tirtalistyani, Rose;Hiraoka, Marino;Gomi, Takashi;Uchiyama, Yoshimi
平成29年度砂防学会研究発表会   24 May 2017   砂防学会
Controlling factors for infiltration on undisturbed hillslopes in unmanaged plantation forests
Hiraoka, Marino;Onda, Yuichi;Gomi, Takashi;Mizugaki, Shigeru;Nanko, Kazuki;Kato, Hiroaki
EGU General Assembly 2017   24 Apr 2017