Tatsuya Hirasawa

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Tatsuya Hirasawa
Kobe Institute
Job title
Research Scientist


Vertebrate Paleontologist.

Research Scientist
Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory, RIKEN Kobe Institute

2010 Ph.D.: Department of Earth and Planetary Science, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo


Academic & Professional Experience

Nov 2014
Research Scientist, Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory, RIKEN
Apr 2013
Nov 2014
Research Scientist, Center for Developmental Biology, RIKEN
Oct 2010
Jan 2011
Visiting Researcher, University of Chicago
Apr 2010
Mar 2013
Special Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN
Apr 2007
Mar 2010
Research Fellow (DC1), JSPS
Apr 2007
Mar 2010
Graduate Student, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science, the University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

Young Scientist Initiative Award, Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan
Aug 2013
Best Presentation Award for Young Researchers (1st place winner), Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan
Jan 2013
Poster Award (Biology Prize), SPDR & FPR Presentation of Research Results, RIKEN
Mar 2010
Doctoral Research Award (1st place winner in the department), Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo
Oct 2008
Edwin H. and Margaret M. Colbert Award, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Oct 2006
Runner-up (2nd place winner) of Student Poster Prize, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Published Papers

Anatomical integration of the sacral-hindlimb unit coordinated by GDF11 underlies variation in hindlimb positioning in tetrapods
Matsubara Y, Hirasawa T, Egawa S, Hattori A, Suganuma T, Kohara Y, Nagai T, Tamura K, Kuratani S, Kuroiwa A, Suzuki T
Nature Ecology & Evolution   In press    2017   [Refereed]
Poelmann RE, Gittenberger-de Groot AC, Biermans MWM, Dolfing AI, Jagessar A, van Hattum S, Hoogenboom A, Wisse LJ, Vicente-Steijn R, de Bakker MAG, Vonk FJ, Hirasawa T, Kuratani S, Richardson MK
EvoDevo   8 9   May 2017   [Refereed]
Hirasawa T, Oisi Y, Kuratani S
Zoological Letters   2(20) 1-9   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
Higashiyama H, Hirasawa T, Oisi Y, Sugahara F, Hyodo S, Kanai Y, Kuratani S
Journal of Morphology   277(9) 1146-1158   May 2016   [Refereed]
Hirasawa T, Fujimoto S, Kuratani S
Development Growth and Differentiation   58(1) 143-153   Jan 2016   [Refereed]
Takechi M, Kitazawa T, Hirasawa T, Hirai T, Iseki S, Kurihara H, Kuratani S
Congenital Anomalies   56(1) 12-17   Jan 2016   [Refereed]
Hirasawa T, Pascual-Anaya J, Kamezaki N, Taniguchi M, Mine K, Kuratani S
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B (Molecular and Developmental Evolution)   324(3) 194-207   May 2015   [Refereed][Invited]
Kitazawa T, Takechi M, Hirasawa T, Adachi N, Narboux-Nême N, Kume H, Maeda K, Hirai T, Miyagawa-Tomita S, Kurihara Y, Hitomi J, Levi G, Kuratani S, Kurihara H
Nature Communications   6 6853   Apr 2015   [Refereed]
Hirasawa T, Kuratani S
Zoological Letters   1(2) 1-17   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
Pascual-Anaya J, Hirasawa T, Sato I, Kuraku S, Kuratani S
International Journal of Developmental Biology   58(10/11/12) 743-750   Dec 2014   [Refereed][Invited]
Poelmann RE, Gittenberger-de Groot AC, Vicente-Steijn R, Wisse LJ, Bartelings MM, Everts S, Hoppenbrouwers T, Kruithof BP, Jensen B, de Bruin PW, Hirasawa T, Kuratani S, Vonk F, van de Put JM, de Bakker MA, Richardson MK
PLoS One   9 e106569   Sep 2014   [Refereed]
Nagashima H, Hirasawa T, Sugahara F, Takechi M, Usuda R, Sato N, Kuratani S
Journal of Anatomy   223(6) 547-556   Sep 2013   [Refereed]
Hirasawa T, Nagashima H, Kuratani S
Nature Communications   4 2107   Jul 2013   [Refereed]
Hirasawa T, Kuratani S
Journal of Anatomy   222(5) 504-517   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Hirasawa T
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica   54(1) 49-59   2009   [Refereed]
Ogihara S, Hirasawa T
Researches in Organic Geochemistry   23 131-138   Dec 2008   [Refereed]


Kuratani S, Hirasawa T
Nature      Apr 2016   [Invited]
The origin and early evolution of the turtle shell
Tatsuya Hirasawa
Seitai no Kagaku   66(3) 240-245   Jun 2015
Early evolution of the turtle shell: What happened in 250 million years ago? [In Japanese]
Hirasawa T, Pascual-Anaya J, Kuratani S
Cell Technology [Saibou Kougaku]   33(2) 208-213   Feb 2014   [Invited]
Report of the 70th Annual Meeting, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology [In Japanese]
Hirasawa T
Fossils [Kaseki]   89 63-66   Mar 2011   [Refereed]
Hirasawa T
Kagaku   80(11) 1091-1097   Nov 2010
Kodera C, Ikeuchi M, Iwasaki W, Enoto T, Oide H, Otono H, Sasaki H, Sunada M, Tezuka M, Toyota T, Nagamura N, Hamaji T, Hirasawa T, Matsuo S, Miyatake H, Yokoyama H
Japanese Journal of Science Communication   6 69-81   Sep 2009   [Refereed]

Books etc

David E.Fastovsky, David B.Weishampel (translated by M. Manabe, S. Fujiwara, T. Hirasawa and T. Kubo)
丸善   Jul 2006   ISBN:4621077341

Conference Activities & Talks

Mode in Evolution of Tetrapod Musculoskeletal Systems: A case Study of an Evolutionary Breakthrough, the Diaphragm [Invited]
Tatsuya Hirasawa
Zoological Letters Symposium: Early Evolution and Diversity of Vertebrates (Kobe, Japan)   18 Mar 2017   
Evolutionary origin of the diaphragm [Invited]
Hirasawa T, Fujimoto S, Kuratani S
Symposium: Paleo Evo-Devo: the New Science of the Very Old at the 76th Annual Meeting, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (Salt Lake City, UT)   28 Oct 2016   
Symposium: The Role of Development in Evolution (Organizer)
Tatsuya Hirasawa
18th Annual Meeting of the Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan   26 Aug 2016   
Developmental basis behind the evolutionary origin of the diaphragm
Hirasawa T, Fujimoto S, Kuratani S
11th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology (Washington DC, USA)   2 Jul 2016   
Integration of Paleontology and Developmental Biology [Invited]
Tatsuya Hirasawa
Biodiversity Colloquium, Kyoto University   10 Nov 2015   
Timing of skeletal muscle development during primary body wall transformation in amniotes
Hirasawa T, Fujimoto S, Kuratani S
CDB Symposium 2015 (Kobe, Japan)   25 Mar 2015   
Development of the vertebral column in amphibians reveals mechanisms for evolutionary transition from water to land
Böhmer C, Hirasawa T, Kuratani S, Fröbisch N
74th Annual Meeting, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (Berlin, Germany)   5 Nov 2014   
Evolutionary origin of the diaphragm: a novelty acquired by homeotic duplication of shoulder muscles [Invited]
Hirasawa T
Symposium at the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan: Evolutionary Developmental Changes Behind Novel Adaptations (Osaka, Japan)   22 Aug 2014   
Positions of hearts and their surrounding muscles: problems of evolutionary origins of the neck and the diaphragm [Invited]
Hirasawa T
1st International Meeting of Evolutionary Developmental Biology of Heart and Head Muscles (Washington DC, USA)   12 May 2014   
The evolutionary derivation of the diaphragm from a shoulder muscle: a new hypothesis
Hirasawa T, Kuratani S
10th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology (Barcelona, Spain)   Jul 2013   
Ribcage anatomy, skeletal constraint and kinematics in extant and extinct archosaurs
Claessens LPAM, Hirasawa T
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (Pittsburgh, PA)   Oct 2010   
The evolution of ribcage anatomy and breathing function in the Mesozoic theropods
Hirasawa T
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (Pittsburgh, PA)   Oct 2010   
Reconstruction of ribcage kinematics in the tyrannosaurid and other non-avian theropod dinosaurs, based on fossil skeletons
Hirasawa T
9th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology (Punta del Este, Uruguay)   Jul 2010   
The evolution of ribcages in Mesozoic theropods: an analysis of skeletal elements using parsimony
Hirasawa T
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (Cleveland, OH)   Oct 2008   
Evolution of breathing mechanisms in Mesozoic theropods.
Hirasawa T
3rd International Symposium of the IGCP Project No. 507 (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)   Aug 2008   
The ribcage of tyrannosaurid dinosaurs and an interpretation of potential breathing mechanisms
Hirasawa T
8th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology (Paris, France)   Jul 2007   
Kinematics of theropod rib cages and their implications for the respiratory systems
Hirasawa T
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (Ottawa, Canada)   Oct 2006   

Research Grants & Projects

JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
Project Year: 2017 - 2018
Project Year: 2015 - 2016    Investigator(s): Tatsuya Hirasawa
Project Year: 2013 - 2014    Investigator(s): Tatsuya Hirasawa
Takeda Science Foundation: Visionary Research Grant
Project Year: 2013       Investigator(s): Tatsuya Hirasawa
Project Year: 2010 - 2011    Investigator(s): Tatsuya Hirasawa
Jurassic Foundation: Research Grant
Project Year: 2006 - 2007    Investigator(s): Tatsuya Hirasawa


[Museum Collections Studied]
American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA
Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Hill City, South Dakota, USA
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences, Okayama, Japan
Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History, Kanagawa, Japan
Las Hoyas Collection, Museo de las Ciencias de Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain
Mongolian Paleontological Center, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, USA
National Science Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Drumheller, Canada
University Museum, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
University Museum, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA
[Major Field Experience]
Japan-Mongolian Joint Paleontological Expedition (JMJPE); Lower Cretaceous of East Gobi, Mongolia (September, 2008)
Lower Cretaceous of Omoto Region, Iwate, Japan (June – November, 2004)