Hirofumi Osada

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Hirofumi Osada
Kyushu University
Faculty of Mathematics Department of Mathematical Science

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Sep 2018
Studies on stochastic dynamics of infinite particle systems with long range interaction and its rigidity, The 2018 MSJ Autumn Prize, The Mathematical Society of Japan
Sep 2014
Stochastic dynamics and geometry for infinite particle systems, The 2014 MSJ Analysis Prize, The Mathematical Society of Japan
Aug 2013
Infinite-dimensional stochastic differential equations arising from random matrices, The Ito Prize, The Bernoulli Society

Published Papers

Variance of the linear statistics of the Ginibre random point field
Hirofumi Osada, Tomoyuki Shirai
RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatu   B6 193-200   2008
Kawamoto Yosuke, Osada Hirofumi
JOURNAL OF THE MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN   70(3) 921-952   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Yosuke Kawamoto, Hirofumi Osada
Journal of Theoretical Probability   1-27   Feb 2018
© 2018 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature The distributions of N-particle systems of Gaussian unitary ensembles converge to Sine(Formula presented.) point processes under bulk scaling limits. These scalings are parameter...
Hirofumi Osada
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics   229 549-559   Jan 2018
© Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature 2018. We review recent progress in the study of infinite-dimensional stochastic differential equations with symmetry. This paper contains examples arising from random matrix theory.
Osada Hirofumi, Osada Shota
JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PHYSICS   170(2) 421-435   Jan 2018   [Refereed]
Osada Hirofumi, Shirai Tomoyuki
PROBABILITY THEORY AND RELATED FIELDS   165(3-4) 725-770   Aug 2016   [Refereed]
Hirofumi Osada
RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatu   B59 253-272   May 2016
We prove that self-diffusion constants of interacting Brownian particles in Tex always vanish if the particles do not collide with each other. We
represent self-diffusion constants by additive functionals of reversible Markov
processes a...
Hirofumi Osada, Hideki Tanemura
RIMS Kokyuryoku Bessatu   B59 203-214   May 2016
In this note we review recent results on existence and uniqueness of
solutions of infinite-dimensional stochastic differential equations describing
interacting Brownian motions on Tex.
Osada Hirofumi, Tanemura Hideki
STOCHASTIC PROCESSES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS   126(1) 186-208   Jan 2016   [Refereed]
Honda Ryuichi, Osada Hirofumi
STOCHASTIC PROCESSES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS   125(10) 3801-3822   Oct 2015   [Refereed]


Yosuke Kawamoto, Hirofumi Osada, Hideki Tanemura
   Nov 2017
The Dirichlet forms related to the various infinite systems of interacting
Brownian motions are studied. For a given random point field Tex, there
exist two natural infinite-volume Dirichlet forms Tex and
Alexander I. Bufetov, Andrey V. Dymov, Hirofumi Osada
   Jul 2017
The logarithmic derivative of a point process plays a key role in the general
approach, due to the third author, to constructing diffusions preserving a
given point process. In this paper we explicitly compute the logarithmic
derivative for determ...
河本 陽介, 長田 博文
数理解析研究所講究録   (2030) 69-76   May 2017
Osada Hirofumi, Tanemura Hideki
RIMS Kokyuroku   1952 186-190   Jun 2015
Hirofumi Osada, Hideki Tanemura
   Dec 2014
We present general theorems solving the long standing problem of the
existence and pathwise uniqueness of strong solutions of infinite-dimensional
stochastic differential equations (ISDEs) called interacting Brownian motions
These ISDEs ...

Conference Activities & Talks

Stochastic analysis on infinite particle systems: new developments of classical stochastic analysis and dynamical universality for random matrices [Invited]
Hirofumi Osada
25 Sep 2018   
Dynamical universality for random matrices
Hirofumi Osada
9th Internatinal Conference on Stochastic Analysis and its Applications   4 Sep 2018   
Yamada-Watanabe theory and infinite particle systems
Hirofumi Osada
28 Jul 2018   
Infinite-dimensional stochastic differentional equation with symmetry
Hirofumi Osada
International Program on Regularity Structures and Stochastic Systems   11 Jul 2018   
Diffusion in Coulomb environment and a phase transition
Hirofumi Osada
The 12th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications   5 Jul 2018   

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2004
Professor, Kyushu University
Apr 1998
Mar 2004
Professor, Nagoya University
Apr 1989
Mar 1998
Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Dec 1987
Mar 1989
Associate Professor, Nara Women's University
Apr 1986
Nov 1987
Lecturer, Nara Women's University
Apr 1985
Mar 1986
Assistant Professor, Hokkaido University


Apr 1982
Mar 1985
Doctor course, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Apr 1980
Mar 1982
Master course, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Apr 1976
Mar 1980
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

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