Nishie Hitonaru

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Nishie Hitonaru
Kyoto University
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Published Papers

Nishie H
Pan Africa News   25(2) 25-26   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Nishie H, Nakamura M
American Journal of Physical Anthropology   165(1) 194-199   Jan 2018   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Nishie H
Pan Africa News   23(2) 9-13   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Nishie H
Pan Africa News   23(1) 1-3   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Corp N, Fujimoto M, Fujita S, Hanamura S, Hayaki H, Hosaka K, Huffman MA, Inaba A, Inoue E, Itoh N, Kutsukake N, Kiyono-Fuse M, Kooriyama T, Marchant LF, Matsumoto-Oda A, Matsusaka T, McGrew WC, Mitani JC, Nishie H, Norikoshi K, Sakamaki T, Shimada M, Turner LA, Wakibara JV, Zamma K
Primates   54(2) 171-182   Apr 2013   [Refereed]
Nakamura M, Nishie H
Pan Africa News   19(2) 19-21   Dec 2012   [Refereed]
Corp N, Hayaki H, Matsusaka T, Fujita S, Hosaka K, Kutsukake N, Nakamura M, Nakamura M, Nishie H, Shimada M, Zamma K, Wallauer W, Nishida T
Primates   50(2) 184-189   Apr 2009   [Refereed]
Nishie H
Primate Research   24(2) 141-144   Dec 2008   [Refereed]
Hitonaru Nishie
Primate Res.   24(2) 73-90   Dec 2008   [Refereed]
' The metaphor of transmission' (cognition-transmission model), which is a root metaphor of contemporary primatology, was reconsidered and deconstructed by referring to other academic domains such as anthropology, communication study, psychology a...

Books etc

Others: The Evolution of Human Sociality
Kawai K (Part:Joint Work, Chap. 6. Who Is the Alpha Male?: The Appearance of the "Other" in Chimpanzee Society)
Kyoto University Press & Trans Pacific Press   Feb 2019   ISBN:9784814002153
Kawai K (Part:Joint Work, Chap. 6. Who is the Alpha Male?: The Institutionality of Dominance Rank in Chimpanzee Society)
Kyoto University Press & Trans Pacific Press   Apr 2017   ISBN:9784814000901
Nakamura M, Hosaka K, Itoh N, Zamma K (Part:Joint Work, Chap. 38. Culture; Chap. 42. Use of tools and other objects; Appendix II. Dietary list)
Cambridge University Press   Sep 2015   ISBN:1107052319

Conference Activities & Talks

Shimada M, Nishie H, Nakamura M
The 26th Congress of the International Primatological Society   23 Aug 2016   
Nishie Hitonaru
17 Jul 2016   
Leaf-clipping is not a token of “courtship display”: from the descriptions of leaf-clipping behavior by the M group chimpanzees at Mahale, Tanzania
Nishie H, Inoue E, Matsusaka T, Nakamura M, Zamma K
The 25th Congress of the International Primatological Society   Aug 2014   
Patterns of ant-fishing for carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) by Gombe and Mahale chimpanzees
O’Malley RC, Nishie H
The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists   Apr 2013   
Nishie Hitonaru
The 46th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology   Jun 2012   
How adult male chimpanzees of Mahale acquire the alpha status?
Nishida T, Inaba A, Itoh N, Kooriyama T, Nakamura M, Nishie H, Sakamaki T, Zamma K
The 23rd Congress of International Primatological Society,   Sep 2010   
Ecological context of Camponotus ant-fishing among the M group chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania
Nishie H
The 23rd Congress of International Primatological Society,   Sep 2010   
Chimpanzees in the dry habitat: Conservation implications for Mahale and Ugalla
Nakamura M, Idani G, Ogawa H, Nishie H, Mwinuka C
The Fifth TAWIRI Annual Scientific Conference: People and Wildlife: Promoting Conservation While Balancing Need   Dec 2005