Makoto Ichikawa

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Makoto Ichikawa
Chiba University
Faculty of Humanities
Job title
Ph.D(Osaka City University)
Other affiliation
Yamaguchi University


Makoto Ichikawa is a professor, Department of Psychology at Chiba University, Japan. He received his Ph. D. in psychology from Osaka City University in 1994. He worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Centre for aVision Research, York Univerisity, Canada, and faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University, Japan. He has been a visiting professor at Research Institute of Time Study, Yamaguchi University, Japan. His areas of interest include spatial and temporal aspect of human perception, cross modal processing in perception and cognition, and plasticity in perception and cognition.

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2017
Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Chiba University
Nov 2013
Mar 2017
Professor, Division of Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Chiba Univerisity
Jun 2011
Visiting Professor, Research Institute for Time Studies
Apr 2009
Oct 2013
Faculty of Letters, Chiba University
Apr 2009
Oct 2013
Division of Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Chiba University
Oct 2006
Mar 2009
Assistant Professor, Division of Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Chiba University
Apr 2000
Sep 2006
Associate Professor, Course of Perceptual Sciences & Design Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamaguchi University
Aug 1997
Mar 2000
Lecturer, Department of Perceptual Sciences & Design Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University
Apr 1995
Jul 1997
Postdoctoral fellow, Centre for Vision Research, York University
Apr 1994
Mar 1995
Post doctoral fellow, 日本学術振興会

Awards & Honors

Mar 2009
"Why the time for adults is so short?", Shueisha, Shinsho Prize 2009, 11th place, Editorial Board, Chuokoron
Oct 1999
Solving random-dot stereograms with a reaction-diffusion model under the Turing instability., Award for the Best Paper Presented, 10th Danube Adria Association for Automation & Manufacturing, International Symposium
Winner: Nomura, A., Ichikawa, M., & Miike, H.

Published Papers

Toshinori Koike, Makoto Ichikawa
VISION   31(3) 87-100   Jul 2019   [Refereed]
In order to examine how the voluntary inspiration-expiration circle affect the effects of visual attention on target detection task, we conducted two experiment in which observers attended to the target location or non target location in terms of ...
Makoto Ichikawa
IPSJ SIG Technical Report (DC)   2018-DC-110(14) 1-4   Aug 2018   [Invited]
We noticed that many residents refused to evacuate under natural disasters, such as heavy rain. This manuscript points out that several cognitive biases are involved in such a refuse of evacuation, as well as in several industrial accidents. In ad...
Makoto Ichikawa, Yuko Masakura
Perception   46(12) 1371-1385   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
When observers move the head backwards and forwards while fixating on the center of the concentric circles that consist of oblique lines, they see illusory rotation of those circles. If several dots are superimposed on the proximity to the inner c...
Satoshi Okazaki, Makoto Ichikawa
38(4) 185-192   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
This paper provides a phenomenological quantitative function of the perceptual simultaneity range (PSR) in terms of the frequency separation and a possible explanation. The PSR for two pure tones was measured with the frequency separation between ...
Makoto Ichikawa
Time Studies   7(1) 31-46   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Human temporal perception can be investigated as a process, which resolves an ill-posed problem with no unambiguous solution. That is, in order to recovery the temporal structure of events, it has to map the obtained zero, or “a half dimensional t...

Books etc

jagi jeon 15bun, minimeol sigan sayongbeob
Makoto Ichikawa
Mai he shuppan   Sep 2017   ISBN:979-11-5542-722-4(03320)
子安増生,二宮克美編 (Part:Contributor)
新曜社   Jul 2011   ISBN:4788512491
北岡 明佳編著 (Part:Contributor)
ミネルヴァ書房   Apr 2011   ISBN:4623057690


Apr 1990
Mar 1994
Doctoral course, Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University
Apr 1988
Mar 1990
Master course, Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University
Apr 1984
Mar 1988
Faculty of Letters, Osaka City University