Satoru Ikeuchi

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Satoru Ikeuchi

Published Papers

Yozo Kawano,Masamune Oguri,Takahiko Matsubara,Satoru Ikeuchi
Publ.Astron.Soc.Jap. 56 (2004) 253-260      Apr 2004
In modeling strong gravitational lens systems, one often adopts simple
models, such as singular isothermal elliptical density plus lowest-order
external perturbation. However, such simple models may mislead us if the real
mass distribution is more...
Yoshiaki Taniguchi,Yasuhiro Shioya,Takeshi G. Tsuru,Satoru Ikeuchi
   Feb 2000
Recent high-resolution X-ray imaging studies have discovered possible
candidates of intermediate-mass black holes with masses of Tex in circumnuclear regions of many (disk) galaxies. It is known
that a large number of mas...
Tetsu Kitayama, Satoru Ikeuchi
ApJ 529 (2000) 615      Aug 1999
The effects of the UV background radiation on the formation of sub-galactic
clouds are studied by means of one-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations. The
radiative transfer of the ionizing photons due to the absorption by HI, HeI and
HeII, neglec...
Yoshiaki Taniguchi, Satoru, Ikeuchi, Yasuhiro Shioya
   Jan 1999
We investigate whether or not a supermassive black hole (SMBH) with mass
Tex can be made in the heart of ultraluminous infrared
galaxies (ULIGs) during the course of mergers between/among gas rich galaxies.
(a) If one progenitor...
Keiko Miyahata,Satoru Ikeuchi
   May 1997
(ABRIDGED)The LyTex clouds at low redshifts (z < 1.7)observed by
HST showed us two unexpected features: Lanzetta the
association between LyTex clouds and galaxies, and Ulmer pointed out the
strong clustering of Ly$\alpha...


Yoshiaki Taniguchi, Neil Trentham, Satoru Ikeuchi
   Sep 1999
We propose and investigate a new formation mechanism for globular clusters in
which they form within molecular clouds that are formed in the shocked regions
created by galactic winds driven by successive supernova explosions shortly
after the init...

Books etc

佐藤 忠男, 吉岡 忍, 森 まゆみ, 池内 了, 堀田 泰寛, 小泉 修吉, 矢野 和之, 佐藤 博昭
岩波書店   Oct 2009   ISBN:4000272160
池内 了
現代企画室   Sep 2009   ISBN:4773809078
池内 了
晶文社   Mar 2009   ISBN:4794967438