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A view from Shijo Ohashi Bridge in Kyoto during summer noon

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I took this picture from Shijo Ohashi Bridge in Kyoto to the upper reaches of the Kamogawa River. I was impressed by a woman walking along the river with a parasol in the strong sunlight.

On the left bank is the back of the restaurant area in Pontocho, Kyoto. There are outdoor tatami rooms called Kawadoko, annexes of restaurants. These rooms are not used when the sun is intense. They open in the evening after the sun goes down and serve Kyoto cuisine while enjoying a relaxing view of Kamogawa River. If you are lucky, you may sit with a party with Maiko. Once I was a little surprised when I saw a river cormorant fly and stay on the roof from a Kawadoko room. It is a famous place as a summer tradition of Kyoto.

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