Affiliation  [ Fellow ]

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  • National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
    Department of Strategic Planning  
    Director of Data Management
  • Kyoto University
    Faculty of Medicine  
    Part-time Lecturer
  • Nagoya City University
    Graduate School of Medical Sciences Department of Biochemistry  
    Associate Professor
  • Kyoto University/Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
    JSPS Research Fellow PD
  • East West University, Bangladesh
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering  
    Assistant Professor
  • Institute for Molecular Science
  • JSPS Postdoc Fellow, Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM), Kawasaki Institute of Industrial
  • (Rita Zamzamah Nazeer-Ikeda)
    Mejiro University
    Assistant Professor
  • Osaka University
    Research Fellow (PD)  
  • Kansai University
    Faculty of Economics