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  • AIと宗教研究グループ (4) Detail  Opening date:18/11/15 21:18:40
  • Todai Robot Project (95)(Closed) Detail  Opening date:11/03/01 14:21:23
    Can a robot pass the entrance examination for the University of Tokyo?
  • Special Interest Group for SocioIntelliGenesis (6) Detail  Opening date:10/03/12 15:31:54
    We focus on a synthetic research on elucidation of genesis of social intelligence -- physical interaction between body and environment, social interaction between agents and role of evolution and so on --, with aiming to understand intelligence of humans and robots. For such an approach, we have set interdisciplinal discussions with wide viewpoint for various research field such as cognitive science, developmental psycology, brain science, evolutionary biology and robotics.
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