Research Interests  [ 起源 ]

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  • Okayama University of Science
    Faculty of Science, Department of Applied Physics  
  • Sapporo Medical University
    School of Health Sciences Department of Physical Therapy  
  • Hokkaido University
    Faculty of Science, Department of Natural History Sciences, Cosmo- and Planetary Sciences  
  • Osaka City University
    Graduate School of Science Mathematics and Physics Course  
    Associate Professor
  • Gifu University
    Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences  
  • Kindai University
    Faculty of Agriculture Department of Fisheries  
  • The University of Tokyo
    Institute for Cosmic Ray Research  
  • Former Institution /Organization Nara Women's University Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry
    Professor,Education and Research Councilors,College Deans
  • National Institute for Environmental Studies
    Senior Researcher
  • Kochi University of Technology
    School of Systems Engineering