Research Interests  [ cultural landscape ]

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  • Keio University
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies  
  • Kyoto University
    Graduate School of Engineering Department of Architecture and Architectual Systems Engineering  
    Associate Professor,Associate Professor
  • Kyoto Bunkyo University
    Faculty of Social Relations, Department of Social Relations  
  • National Institute of Technology,Akashi College
    Department of Architecture  
  • National Institute of Technology,Kochi College
    Department of Social Design Engineering  
  • University of Yamanashi
  • Hokkaido University
    Creative Research Institution  
    Assistant Professor
  • Kyoto Prefectural University
    Faculty of Letters  
  • Mie University
    Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Department of Humanities, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  
  • University of the Ryukyus
    Faculty of Global and Regional Studies tourism and community design program