Research Interests  [ Pharmacogenetics ]

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  • Niigata University
    Medical and Dental Hospital Psychiatry  
  • The University of Tokyo
    Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology  
    Associate Professor
  • Kansai Medical University
    Faculty of Medicine  
  • Jin-ai University
    Faculty of Human Life Department of Health and Nutrition  
    Senior Assistant Professor
  • University of Shizuoka
    School of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
  • Fukuoka University
    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
  • Kyoto University
    Hospital, Kyoto University Hospital Pharmacy  
  • Chiba University
    Hospital, Division of Pharmacy  
    Associate Professor, Vice Director
  • Former Institution / Organization University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
    Assistant Professor
  • University of Shizuoka
    Department of Environmental and Health Science  
    assistant professor