Research Interests  [ Hungary ]

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  • Hitotsubashi University
    Institute of Economic Research  
  • Osaka University
    Graduate School of Letters Division of Studies on Cultural Expressions  
  • The University of Kitakyushu
    Center for Fundamental Education  
    Associate Professor
  • Kindai University
    Faculty of Literature,Arts and Cultural Studies Department of Cultural and Historical Studies  
  • Hitotsubashi University
    Graduate School of Social Sciences  
  • Tokai University
    School of Cultural and Social Studies Department of European and American Studies  
  • Kanagawa University
    Graduate School of Law  
    Graduate student(doctorate program)
  • The University of Tokyo
    Project Research Associate
  • Meiji Gakuin University
    Faculty of International Studies, Department of International Stidies  
  • University of the Sacred Heart
    Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of History and Social Sciences, Department of History  
    Associate Professor