Research Interests  [ English Language Teaching ]

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  • Kobe University
    Institute for Promotion of Higher Education School of Languages and Communication  
  • Okayama Prefectural University
    Computer Science and Systems Engineering Department of Communication Engineering  
    Associate Professor
  • Kansai University of International Studies
    Faculty of Education, Department of English Education  
  • University of Tsukuba
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  
  • J. F. Oberlin University
    Graduate School of International Studies, Foreign Language Instruction  
  • Tokai University
    Dept. of English, Faculty of Letters  
    Associate Professor
  • Senshu University
    School of Letters  
  • Hiroshima Jogakuin University
    Faculty of Liberal Arts Department of Liberal Arts  
  • Mukogawa Women's University
    School of Letters, Department of English  
    Associate Professor (専任准教授)
  • Nagano National College of Technology
    General Education  
    Associate Professor